What were the signs when your love started to fade? I’m having trouble figuring out if I’m really losing interest or notㅠㅠㅠ

1. Because of a crime…?

2. Even when there’s news or I have free time, I don’t bother looking them up anymore

> Same, I just think “oh there are news about them” but I don’t have the urge to look it up

3. I just stopped looking at their contents even when they got posted. Even if there was a notification about on the fan communication app, I don’t get excited so my notifications just pile up. Watching their stages is no longer fun

4. Even if they clearly made a comeback, I just feel bored and my attention always goes to other things

5. I don’t get excited even when I hear news of their comeback. And it starts to feel like a waste to spend money on their concert

6. I just don’t search them up anymore

7. Even if I see them, my heart doesn’t race

8. The moment I start getting bored of them

9. I just am not curious about them anymore and when I start feeling that looking up their fan content is a chore…

10. I liked them because they were an idol but at some point, I started finding them cringe because they are an idol