They’re not revealing something bad and it’s not something serious either, but like always talking about TMIs of another member

It’s things that those members themselves don’t even mention ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

1. If it’s super trivial TMIs, then I’ll just listen to it trivially too.. 

2. Isn’t it nice that they talk about other members? I don’t know if you’re an individual fan, but if you like many members, it can be fun 

3. But if they live as a group, isn’t it normal..? It’s not like all they do is talk about work… When I meet with my friends, we have a TMI party 

4. If it’s not a good TMI and it kinda feels like a set up, I’d be so annoyed

5. I do feel like it’s kinda touchy to reveal TMIs of someone’s private life, because you can never know if you may put them in trouble 

6. I would hate it ㅠ

7. If the member themselves doesn’t mind, it’s fun and I don’t care, but if there are responses saying that they hate it, then it’s so so 

8. Ah I freaking hate that 

9. I’m fine if it’s member A talking about a TMI between A & B, but I would hate it if they were only talking about B… Whether it’s a good or bad TMI, everyone has a different boundary regarding their private life…

10. I hate it, no matter how close they are, you can never predict people nitpicking things… Even if it was my bias sharing, I rather they don’t and act more carefully