A: Although A sings well according to the textbook, lacks star factor and charm compared to other members, so A is always an unpopular member (they can pull off their part in choreographies).

B: B isn’t good at singing, always gets just a line or two. However, B is charismatic and charming, so they’re always a popular member (often gets a lot of views on solo fancams because of their star factor).

As a visual stan, I prefer B

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1. As an idol, B

2. If we just talk about talent, A

3. If A is just a singer but has no popularity as an idol, there’s no meaning to it 

4. If we go with skills alone, A but as an idol, B

5. As an idol, B. It’s also a skills to have star factor. It’s not all about singing ability 

6. Talent-wise, A

7. I don’t know, if we project in 20 years and look at who is still a celebrity, there’s more chance for A

8. I used to think A in the past, but now, it’s clearly Bㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. For the prime time, B, for the long-run, A

10. If you know how to sing and dance but you have no star factor whatsoever…. There’s nothing going on for you..