The birthday person didn’t even come…Did they get their phones confiscated?

1. I wouldn’t come if I were him either…It’s better to just not come 

2. Wow but he’s still the birthday person ㅠ What a shame 

3. It’s better not to for now …ㅇㅇ

4. Ah … But if there’s even a single person coming out, they’ll just get him even more attention, it’s better this way 

5. Is that because of Starbucks?

6. But why did they stop interacting… If it’s a rumor, it’s fine for them to come right?

> It doesn’t prove that the rumor is true, it’s just that they’re reading the room..

7. He didn’t do anything wrong ㅠ What a shame for Haechan’s birthday 

8. I’m sure they’ll start coming back next week 

9. But it’s better to not do anything, don’t start anything unnecessary….. Just focus on attending schedules and rest for the time being ㅠㅠ

10. There’s the rumor too, but because of their collab recently, people overseas are sensitive about it… 

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