I thought he was at the same level as Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, etc. 

But in the US, they don’t know any other songs from Charlie Puth aside from See You Again 

1. You can’t compare him to Bruno, Bieber and Ed Sheeran… 

2. He’s nowhere at the same level as those singers you mentioned, but he’s also not a nobody either… Charlie Puth also gave a song to Bieber, and isn’t Stay a song that Charlie Puth participated in?

3. But even in Korea, there’s nobody who thinks that he’s the same level as those people 

4. Wow your lineup is too strong 

5. He’s not only popular in Korea, but he’s also not as popular as he is in Koreaㅇㅇ

6. I went to his concert in Canada and 70% of the audience were Koreans 

7. But you can’t really compare any male singers to Justin Bieber… I’m not saying he’s unpopular, but he’s not as popular anywhere else as he is in Korea

8. Me too I thought so, it’s interesting

9. I thought he was freaking popular?!??!?!?!?! All his songs are good 

10. But isn’t Charlie Puth’s image not so good either?