Miyeon debut days VS now

She still looks the same but the subtle differences made her freaking pretty 

I’ve always thought that Miyeon was super pretty before she debuted so I was shocked that she looked less pretty once she debuted. Now I feel like she finally looks like what she actually looks like on camera.. She’s too pretty 

1. Baby fat and makeup play a huge part in it 

2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But Miyeon used to be so cute 

3. Every time I look at her, her face changes… Are my eyes weird?

4. Miyeon honestly looks way better once she changed her styling, she was pretty before too of course!

5. Hmm that was way too long ago, of course there’s the styling difference too 

6. She changed her makeup and she lost weight, that’s the biggest part 

7. She fills her eyebrows less sharply, she does the overlip look and she started shading her nose, those 3 play a big part

8. She suits black hair too much 

9. As expected you need to lose your face fat

10. Her lips makeup and face makeup changing are the main reason