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1. Han Seungwoo : completed Asia tour, now heading to UK vacations

2. Cho Seungyoun: performing in festivals, preparing for world tour

3. Kim Wooseok: completed Asian tour, shooting a drama now

4. Kim Yohan: digital release collab + Special MC on music shows

5. Lee Hankyul : Peak Time and doing fancon concert

6. Cha Junho: MCing in radios and music events

7. Son Dongpyo : promoting as MC in music shows + appearance in variety shows

8. Kang Minhee : World tour + music show promotions

9. Song Hyungjoon : World tour, music show promotions, variety show shooting

10. Lee Eunsang: coming back on October 17th

11. Nam Dohyon : working on his project + interacting with fans

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1. Every single one of them, they’re all so active
2. Wow but they’re seriously all handsome 
3. Dohyon-ah ….. 
4. Kids, let’s be even more and more successful🥺 ! 
5. Please give us one full group comeback or a stage… This is my only wish 
6. I miss X1, I love you 
7. I hope everyone is happy 
8. Kids, I love you ㅠ 
9. Everyone is doing well in their respective fields
10. Everyone, be happy… I’ve liked you guys so much 

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