INTERVIEW: Han Hyo Joo Shares “Blood Free” As Memorable and Special Experience

Han Hyo Joo, acclaimed for her portrayal of Yoon Ja-yu, the esteemed founder and CEO of BF Group, in Disney+’s original series Blood Free received praise for her dynamic acting that subtly shifted depending on her character’s interactions and her flawless embodiment of the role.

Her performance was hailed as ideal casting, as she delivered a multifaceted portrayal through her expressive eyes, resonant voice, and nuanced emotions, capturing the poised and determined demeanor of an entrepreneur with unwavering resolve, while also conveying intricate emotional depth.

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Han’s portrayal of the multifaceted Yoon Ja-yu added depth and richness to the series, elevating its immersive quality to its pinnacle, and maintaining an unmatched presence until the final episode.

Reflecting on her experience with Blood Free, Han Hyo Joo expressed her thoughts through her agency, sharing her excitement upon initially reading the script and her anticipation for each new episode release.

She conveyed her gratitude for the viewers’ support and enjoyment of the series, expressing her sadness at its conclusion while expressing appreciation for the widespread acclaim it received.

Blood Free Han Hyo Joo

When asked about standout scenes, she praised the innovative storyline and meticulous production details, particularly commending her fellow cast members for their compelling performances. She highlighted the memorable contributions of actors Kim Sang Ho, Lee Mu Saeng, Park Ji Yeon, Jeon Seok-ho, and Lee Seo, as well as Ju Ji Hoon and Kang Yi An, whose characters provided essential support to Yoon Ja-yu. She singled out Lee Hee Jun’s portrayal of Seon Woo-jae as particularly captivating, enriching the series with his intriguing character dynamics.

In preparation for her role as a successful female entrepreneur, Han Hyo Joo collaborated closely with the production team to refine her appearance and performance, embracing a new hairstyle and adopting a more assertive vocal tone to authentically embody Ja-yu’s character.

Han Hyo Joo devoted significant effort to preparing for pivotal scenes, such as the inaugural presentation and the declaration of Yoon Ja-yu’s long-term vision, diligently practicing her lines and seeking inspiration from TED talks and lecture videos to ensure authenticity and resonance in her performance.

Regarding viewer reactions, she humorously recounted anecdotes of fans invoking the name of Jang Yeong-sil, her trusted AI assistant, mirroring the character’s reliance on technology within the series.

Reflecting on the psychological complexity of her character, who navigates constant threats and internal betrayals, she acknowledged the challenging nature of the role, describing the experience of portraying Yoon Ja-yu as both isolating and fulfilling. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring such a remarkable character to life and fondly remembered her time on set.

INTERVIEW: Han Hyo Joo Highlights Character Preparations and Resonating Message of “Blood Free”