INTERVIEW: Ju Ji Hoon Shares “Blood Free” Character Preparations and Filming Stories

Making his small screen return, Ju Ji Hoon challenges the role of an elite soldier in Blood Free!

Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Joo, Blood Free follows a former bodyguard haunted by his past failures.

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After diving down a rabbit hole of tangled leads, he finds himself recruited to protect the CEO of a controversial lab-grown meat company who is also a survivor of the fateful attack that changed his life.

Blood Free, a gripping conspiratorial drama is coming this April 10 exclusively to Disney+.

Tormented by the memory of a terrorist attack that left his colleagues dead and the President of Korea disabled, former elite soldier Woo Chaewoon has dedicated his life to tracking down those responsible.

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Methodically studying the survivors of that fateful day, Chaewoon’s suspicions are heightened after discovering BF, a controversial lab-grown meat company, has been reporting record profits in the years since the attack. With CEO Yun Jayu constantly under the threat of attack from drug cartels, terrorists, hackers, and extremists, Chaewoon poses as her personal bodyguard to infiltrate the organization.

But with attacks coming from all around and the truth far more twisted than anyone could have imagined, will Chaewoon be able to get to the bottom of what happened that day before Jayu’s enemies exact their revenge?


In a media interview, Ju Ji Hoon relayed thoughts about his latest series.

For his participation in Blood Free, the actor reveals he has been a fan of writer Lee Suyeon since her work in Stranger. As soon as he read the script, he was instantly hooked. “It’s so captivating and intriguing, the premise felt very original. I was also thrilled to be working with such an amazing team!” Ju said.

Describing his character, Ju Ji Hoon conveyed his back story along with his preparations for the action scenes.

I play a character called Woo Chaewoon. He’s a former solider-turned-bodyguard who starts working for the BF CEO Yun Jayu. He’s on a mission to track down the person responsible for a terrorist attack that he witnessed years ago. Because of Chaewoon’s hidden past, I invested a lot of time into reflecting on his backstory. I also had a number of action scenes I had to shoot, so I worked hard to maintain my physical fitness before production began.”

In terms of how he colored the emotions of his character, he focused on what Chaewoon lost during the terrorist attack which mattered to him. He adds how he paid attention to portraying the character in a way that would help viewers understand and connect with him.

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When asked about the similar trait he shared with Chaewoon, the actor responds that they both have a strong sense of responsibility.

Ju Ji Hoon picks the large shootout in the middle of the series as his favorite filming moment.

The cast and crew spent a lot of time discussing logistics and how best to coordinate the scene. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Taking pride in the cast synergy and how they connected well with the creative team, Ju expressed having a lot of good memories about their time together on set.

Everyone, from the director to the cast, was incredibly enthusiastic and committed to the project. All of them actively shared ideas, and everyone attentively listened to each other’s input.

Picking the highlight of the series, Ju Ji Hoon also invites viewers to watch Blood Free.

Every character has a hidden story. If you watch closely and take note of why a particular character does something or why an event happens at a certain time you’ll enjoy the story even more.

Stream Blood Free starting April 10 exclusively on Disney+.

Source: Disney+