iQIYI Presents #CedokLife – A Tribute to Everyday Heroes

iQIYI partners with Grab Malaysia to bring a new mini-series, #CedokLife, to audiences, which premiered exclusively on iQIYI on 16 September 2023.

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#CedokLife offers viewers an inside look into everyday Malaysian encounters through the lens of a Grab driver- and Grab delivery partners. Following the stories of several protagonists, the show showcases the hopes and aspirations of these individuals and highlights the daily interactions and shenanigans they face as a Grab driver or delivery partner.

Giving them a sneak peek of the production, local Grab drivers and delivery partners were treated to an exclusive preview of the first episode of the series on 12 September 2023.

Highlighting this partnership as a step in the right direction for the industry, YB Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications and Digital in Malaysia said, “Malaysia is an amalgamation of many folks of different backgrounds, cultures and personal stories. The fact that Grab and iQIYI have partnered to bring their stories to life underscores the positive impact of such partnerships in not only fostering the local film industry but also helping share the everyday stories of such individuals with a wider audience. These individuals truly exemplify the core values of togetherness and unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

Although comedic in nature, the series also emphasizes real stories that reflect Malaysian culture and identity, highlighting how our lives are interconnected through the people we meet every day.

In line with embodying a truly local feel, #CedokLife features a cast of emerging talents in the local entertainment industry who have made appearances in various local films and TV series.

Dinesh Ratnam, Country Manager of iQIYI Malaysia and Senior Director of the International Business Department said, “We are thrilled to collaborate once again with Grab Malaysia as our esteemed partners for this special mini-series, #CedokLife provides an opportunity for us to celebrate the unsung heroes that have shaped the way of life for many today and recognize what makes Malaysia truly unique; its people. Beyond that, we are also happy to be able to provide an opportunity for emerging local talents to dip their toes in the industry of filmmaking and entertainment with content such as #CedokLife, with the series featuring mainly up-and-coming talents as the main cast.”

The series also provides an opportunity to highlight the vital role drivers and delivery partners play in our everyday lives. By telling the story from their perspectives, we get to see the encounters and interactions they have, be it good, bad, or as an interesting story to tell.

Adelene Foo, Managing Director of Grab Malaysia said, “We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the unsung heroes who have tirelessly served at the forefront of our daily lives – our Grab driver and delivery partners. Their unwavering dedication to pursuing their dreams no matter the obstacle or challenges are what we want to proudly showcase.

Today’s event is just one facet of our appreciation. We are committed to fostering a stronger partner community that touches the lives of people around them and empowering them to be the catalysts of positive social change that drives us forward.

More than that, #CedokLife presents another way to shine the spotlight on gig economy workers as a means to earn an income or side income and pursue their dreams and aspirations, all while positively impacting others’ everyday lives.

#Cedoklife premiered on 16 September exclusively on iQIYI app and iQIYI International (

About #CedokLife

#CedokLife is a 6-part mini-series inspired by Grab drivers and delivery partners. Asri, is a fellow ambitious Grab driver who tries to help his family.

His friend Ravin is chasing his dream of winning the Parkour competition in Tokyo. At the same time, they try to help Aunty Atizah who faces various challenges in running a food stall. The show is produced by Creative Stew and directed by Waan Hafiz.

The cast features up-and-coming talents in the Malaysian entertainment industry such as Faha Azhar, Sathis Varan, Ku Farisah, Hana Tiha, Nick Davis, and Alynn Techen.