iQIYI Shares Star-Studded New Titles To Launch In The Last Quarter of 2023

Look forward to a range of uniquely themed dramas coming to iQIYI, including costume dramas, modern dramas, and suspense dramas!

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These seven upcoming mainland dramas are accompanied with an all-star cast, including the likes of Johnny Huang’s (黄景瑜) firefighter drama Bright Eyes in the Dark (他从火光中走来), comedy-romance series Romance on the Farm (田耕纪) starring Tian Xiwei and Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞), Men in Love (请和这样的我恋爱) starring Hu Yitian (胡一天) and Liang Jie (梁洁) and modern suspense dramas starring Wei Daxun (魏大勋), Han Geng (韩庚), Song Weilong (宋威龙) alongside many other veteran actors and young talents.

Who could refuse a romance drama where the woman makes the first move? Adapted from the popular novel of the same name, Bright Eyes in the Dark (他从火光中走来) tells the sincere love between firefighter Lin Luxiao (played by Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) and national actress Nan Chu (played by Zhang Jingyi (张婧仪)). The drama is not only a firefighting drama created by the award-winning creative team of Chasing the Undercurrent (罚罪), the exciting plot in Bright Eyes in the Dark has also been praised by many netizens for its appropriate casting. Known to be constantly ‘serving the military’, Johnny Huang made an appearance in dramas such as My Dear Guardian (爱上特种兵), Ace Troops (王牌部队) and Chasing the Undercurrent.

His image of a tough guy dressed in uniform made him very attractive while the beautiful female lead Zhang Jingyi had previously won the honour of Potential Actor of the Year for her outstanding acting skills. Besides, Wang Ziqi (王子奇), Daddi Tang (唐晓天) and Zhang Linghe (张凌赫) also made appearances in the drama. The boy group with an average height of 185cm overwhelms us all with their long legs all over the screen!

Joseph Zeng and Tian Xiwei both had their share of hot titles namely, Mysterious Lotus Casebook (莲花楼) and New Life Begins (卿卿日常) respectively this year. This time they’ll be co-starring in the comedy Romance on the Farm (田耕纪) which is based on their lives living on the farm and promises a light-hearted viewing process.

Tian Xiwei who plays Lian Maner, a modern-day girl who was forced to earn her own pocket money because of her broken family, joined in on a game experiment and found herself in ancient times born to a farmer family, the Lians.

Facing impending death just when the series begins, Lian Maner has to depend on herself to survive in this family filled with traps as she works together with Joseph Zeng to earn money and become rich. Something worthy of note, the series has reached more than a million reservations on the iQIYI app, showing strong anticipation from the audience.

Another modern drama, Men in Love (请和这样的我恋爱吧), which features a second collaboration between Hu Yitian (胡一天) and Liang Jie (梁洁), is directed by Zhang Boyu (张博昱), who is also the director of Moonlight (月光变奏曲). The drama tells the story of a disciplined and hardworking magazine editor-in-chief, Ye Han (played by Hu Yitian), helping Li Xiaoxiao (played by Liang Jie), a clumsy and adorable physical education teacher, navigate through various awkward crises.

They find it difficult to take the first steps towards love due to their past experiences but through mutual healing, they gradually develop affection for each other. The adorable height difference between the male and female leads in the drama has prompted netizens to exclaim how strong their chemistry is and start shipping the duo, hoping the drama would air immediately!

Suspense dramas such as Spy Game (特工任务) and The Bionic Life (仿生人间) are here to add some excitement and suspense! Directed by Zhao Baogang (赵宝刚), the director of Struggle (奋斗) and My Youthfulness (我的青春谁做主), Spy Game stars Wei Daxun (魏大勋), who has been widely loved by audiences for his great acting skills and domineering image, Han Geng (韩庚) and Li Yitong (李一桐), with Claudia Wang (王丽坤) and Tony Yang (杨祐宁).

The drama tells the story of national security personnel attacking foreign spy forces while maintaining national security through the spy game. This suspenseful drama not only has a unique theme, but a wonderful, fast-paced plot and many well-known actors joining forces!

Starring young talents Song Weilong (宋威龙) and Wen Qi (文淇), the mystery drama The Bionic Life (仿生人间) is a collaboration between director Chen Zhengdao (陈正道), who is known for films like The Great Hypnotist (催眠大师) and A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower (摩天大楼) and a seasoned team of filmmakers. The story depicts the rapid development of humanoid robots who bear a striking resemblance to humans, leading to public concern.

The organization takes charge of cases involving humanoid robots, rewriting the destinies of both humans and humanoid robots. Audiences can also anticipate the impressive performances of two exceptionally talented actors, Liu Lin (刘琳) from The Long Season (漫长的季节) and Liu Dan (刘丹) from Reset (开端).

With its unique theme and a plot geared towards high-tech elements, The Bionic Life promises to be a captivating drama to catch! Audiences can also look forward to the premiere of Detective Chinatown 2 (唐人街探案2) and  The Mutations (天启异闻录). Starring Roy Chiu (邱泽), Shang Yuxian (尚语贤), Ning Chang (张钧甯), Tony Jaa (托尼贾), Rong Zibin (荣梓杉), Kenny Bee (钟镇涛), Cheryl Yang (杨谨华)and Lynn Xiong (熊黛林), this is one series highly anticipated by many.

After the first season’s intense fights that led to a tie, many fans are excited to see the development of the plot in the second season and also the introduction of a new character “Q”.
Starring Huang Xuan (黄轩), Wu Yue (吴樾) and Sandrine Pinna (张榕容), the three veteran actors will be bringing The Mutations (天启异闻录) to the screens. Following the story of Chu
Sijing (starring Huang Xuan) as he was deployed to a lone island to uncover the mystery behind the weird disease that is spreading around the island. As the disease further becomes an issue
of concern, his survival becomes a suspenseful mystery.

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