Is BTS V a Secret Dad? Fans Accuse Instagram Baby of Being His

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Recently, an Instagram account dedicated to Korean-Filipino baby Kim Suho has gained significant attention due to Suho’s striking resemblance to BTS member V. This resemblance has led to a wave of speculation and harassment directed towards Suho’s mother.

Fans have flooded Suho’s Instagram account with comments and direct messages, demanding the truth about the baby’s parentage. Some have even threatened to report Suho’s mother to BigHit Entertainment, BTS’s agency.

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One fan commented, “We know you’re hiding something. Just tell the truth, or we will report you to BigHit!”

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 In an attempt to quell the rumors, Suho’s mother posted childhood pictures of Suho’s father, showcasing a clear resemblance to their son.

She pleaded with fans to stop the harassment, stating, “Please stop these baseless accusations. My husband and Suho share a strong resemblance. Our family deserves peace.”

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Despite the harassment, many BTS fans have rallied to support Suho and his family. Positive comments and messages of encouragement have flooded Suho’s Instagram account.

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“Hang in there, Suho! We believe in your family,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Stop the hate. This baby has nothing to do with BTS.”

In recent news, BTS V also known as Kim Taehyung, discussed his personal struggles and future plans on the September 6th episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block.”

He reflected on BTS’s early challenges and successes, including their pioneering content and impactful first performance in the U.S. V revealed that despite their achievements, he felt numb and unmotivated, prompting him to seek new creative outlets, which led to the creation of “RUN BTS.”

He also hinted at an upcoming solo album produced by Min Hee Jin, inspired by her work on f(x)’s “Pink Tape.” V’s candid interview highlighted his journey and artistic evolution.