Is It Common For Idols To Vape? Reports Reveal Truth Following BLACKPINK Jennie’s Smoking Scandal

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Following BLACKPINK Jennie’s indoor smoking scandal in Italy, a former entertainment news reporter has come out to reveal whether or not vaping is common among idols.

On July 10, former entertainment reporter turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho drew attention with a video revealing a hidden aspect of Korean showbiz, following the scandal involving Jennie smoking e-cigarettes indoors.

The controversy began when Jennie posted a vlog on her YouTube channel, documenting her activities in Capri, Italy for the Jacquemus fashion show. Netizens noticed the BLACKPINK member smoking an e-cigarette, also known as a vape, while getting her makeup done.

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What angered many was that Jennie smoked in an enclosed room and blew smoke into the faces of the staff.

Under pressure from public opinion, Jennie’s self-established agency, ODD ATELIER, released a statement and admitted her mistake. They promised it wouldn’t happen again and that Jennie was reflecting on the situation.

However, Lee Jin Ho stated that Jennie’s case is not unique in the entertainment industry. They stated that celebrities often smoke vapes during photoshoots and apply make-up, as it is a way for them to release stress. This is especially true if they don’t eat days before the shoot, as they are more sensitive. Staff members simply accept this norm, as they would rather the celebrity be calm rather than stressed.

“According to staff on the scene, many celebrities smoke e-cigarettes during photo shoots or while applying makeup, not just Jennie. That’s an unwritten rule in the industry. Celebrities often don’t eat for days before photo shoots, making them extremely sensitive on set. For celebrities, e-cigarettes are almost the only way to relieve stress. This is often accepted by the staff because they think it’s better for the star to smoke e-cigarettes than to get angry on set.

The former reporter added the reasons why celebrities smoke indoors instead of going out. Lee Jin Ho stated that if celebrities smoke outside, they risk being seen by others, which could negatively impact their image. Therefore, some companies even encourage indoor smoking.

Lee also highlighted the hierarchical relationship between celebrities and employees. He stated, “How many employees can actually tell a star not to smoke on set?”

Lee Jin Ho’s video received significant attention and sparked heated discussions online. Most comments expressed disappointment at the idol’s behavior, while others sympathized with the staff’s reluctance to speak up in such an environment.

Some comments from netizens read,

  • “I am very disappointed because she used e-cigarettes in front of the staff. E-cigarettes are no different from cigarettes.”
  •  “I really don’t believe in the image that celebrities build.”
  •  “Whether men or women, celebrities or ordinary people, behaving rudely when being with someone else makes them deserve criticism.”
  •  “I don’t care if that’s an unwritten rule between idols or not. If they want to smoke indoors, they can find a secluded place or a spot without people around them. Employees are just trying to do their jobs. Due to the difference in rank, I don’t think they can raise their voice and tell them to stop. Those makeup artists may be having health problems or could even be pregnant. How can she blow smoke in their faces?”
  •  “She paid them so they can’t tell her she can’t vape inside. They risk losing their job to another employee or makeup artist.”
  •  “The simple truth is that they should go to designated smoking areas outside. Smoking and vaping are not the same, but that’s not important. Basically, indoor smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas.”

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