Is It True? Han So Hee Attended Ryu Jun Yeol’s Exhibit After Break-Up With Hyeri

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Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol continue to make headlines after their past social media posts sparked buzz.

The “My Name” star and the 37-year-old actor gained the attention of the public after an online post claimed that they were vacationing together in Hawaii.

In the said post, shared by a Japanese netizen who is also staying at the same fancy hotel, it was claimed that both Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee are chilling by the pool, adding that the South Korean stars were pretty “lovey-dovey” with one another.

As for the evidence, the netizen claimed that they have a photo of the two but didn’t want to share it online because it was too “great” to make it public.

Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol’s Agency Shut Down Dating Rumors

At the height of the dating rumors, the respective agencies of the celebrities addressed the issue.

Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol
(Photo : Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol Instagram)

In an official statement, Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, chose not to comment on the actor’s connection with the actress.

“Ryu Jun Yeol is in Hawaii for his photography. Since it’s his personal trip, we will not be commenting more on the actor’s personal matters.”

As for Han So Hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, it denied the issue and said, “They are not dating.

In addition, the label also clarified that the “Nevertheless” star is in Hawaii for a vacation with close friends.

It seemed like the actress backed her agency’s statement by posting a glimpse of her trip and even sharing beach-inspired friendship bracelets that she got with her peers.

Han So Hee Reportedly Went to Ryu Jun Yeol’s Exhibit?

Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol
(Photo : Han So Hee Instagram | Ryu Jun Yeol Instagram)

While the agencies denied the dating rumors, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something about Han So Hee’s previous post back in 2023.

Ryu Jun Yeol’s photo exhibit, titled “A Wind Runs Through It and Other Stories,” was attended by his friends and colleagues in the industry.

A post shared by instagram


Song Ga In shared a photo of her in one of the actor’s exhibits, as well as Lee Jung Hyun, who also dons an all-black outfit like the singer.

Adding to the list of celebrities who showed their support was Han So Hee, who at the time posted a selfie inside Ryu Jun Yeol’s exhibit.

In a report, others suspect that their closeness began when the actress visited the exhibit.

On the other hand, it was also the same month where the actor confirmed his breakup with longtime girlfriend and “Reply: 1988” co-star Lee Hyeri.

Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Hyeri
(Photo : tvN)

After ending their six-year relationship, the celebrity couple announced their breakup through their agency.

Meanwhile, following the news regarding the latest dating rumor in Hallyu, Hyeri shared a cryptic post featuring a sunset view with a message that says “funny.”

(Photo : Hyeri Instagram)