Is it true that you can smell period blood?

Is it true that you can smell period blood?

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Some of my friends say they can smell it when they’re close to someone else, but I’ve never noticed it on anyone other than myself. Am I the weird one? Do you all smell it too?

-I’ve never smelled it on anyone else either.

-If someone wears a pad for a long time, you might catch a whiff when you’re nearby, but otherwise, no.

-I have a strong sense of smell, and I can detect it on others… Some people have a stronger odor, especially if they have a heavy flow and don’t change often. Guys might notice it even more since it’s an unfamiliar smell to them.

-I’ve never smelled it on others. I think it might be the pad’s smell rather than the period itself. I’ve heard that when using a menstrual cup, you don’t get that weird smell you do with pads, just the smell of blood.

-Even for myself, I only notice it when I go to the bathroom to change my pad, not when I’m sitting down. I’ve never smelled it on others.

-Guys definitely notice it more. It’s probably something to do with hormones, but they can pick up the scent as soon as they’re near a woman on her period.

-Sometimes I can smell the scent of sanitary pads, kind of fishy.

-I’ve noticed it when passing by the bathroom, but never from an individual.

-I’ve smelled sanitary pad scents, but only on really humid days, never otherwise.

-On heavy flow days, I can smell it after about three hours. I’ve also smelled other people’s scents, probably because they didn’t change their pads in time.

-Of course, you can smell damp sanitary pads in normal situations. When tired or sensitive, I sometimes smell the metallic scent of blood. Old pads smell disgusting, but the blood scent itself isn’t too bad. It’s less strong than the smell of blood from wounds. I’m very sensitive to smells and can even smell blood from wounds on other people’s knees.

-Yeah, I’ve smelled it on the bus. It’s gross.

-There was a girl in my class who didn’t shower during her period because she was taught not to. We had to explain to her that she needed to shower.

-If someone hasn’t changed their pad for over 24 hours, you can smell it.

-It smells fishy, so you need to change it frequently even if the flow isn’t heavy.

-I only sometimes smell my own scent when changing pads. I’m very sensitive to smells, but I haven’t smelled others.

-I only sometimes smell my own scent when changing pads. I’m very sensitive to smells, but I haven’t smelled others.

-I once smelled it strongly from a woman standing next to me on the bus. Since then, I’ve been more conscious of it.

-I think I smelled it during lunch once. It was a strong, rotten fish smell.

-I know my own scent.

-I’ve never smelled it, but I think you can if you’re sensitive to smells.

-You need to change them often, or they smell.

-I’m always scared someone will smell it if they enter the restroom after me.

-I’ve never smelled others’ scents, maybe I’m not sensitive enough.

-My flow was so heavy that it always leaked and smelled strongly. I found out my uterus was unhealthy and had it removed.