Is Kim Taehyung Planning an Acting Comeback? BTS Member Tells All on IU’s Palette

Although the focus of the hour is definitely on BTS V or Kim Taehyung’s solo debut with a full-on R&B album Layover, the singer hasn’t completely ruled out making a comeback to the small screen as an actor. In the latest IU’s Palette episode releasing on September 12, 2023, he sat down with the South Korean singer/actress, who’s also the host of the relaxing talk show, to talk about several topics associated with his name.

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Episode 24, titled “V’egin Again (With V)” first begins with the two singers highlighting the shocking surprise that was V’s solo album. Taehyung has mostly either stuck to his identity of being a BTS member so far, or released solo songs as K-drama soundtracks, but as far as his big solo music releases are concerned, this is the first time that he’s treated the fans with an album unlike anything he’s put out before. Positively deviating from the mainstream pop side of his musical persona, with Layover, BTS’ V has concocted a mix of jazzy tunes that portray him in a different light altogether than before.

IU and Kim Taehyung

Proud to show his new side to the fans, he also affirmatively accepted the feedback from his fans that he ended up resembling an adorable alien in the Love Me Again MV. Moreover, he got shy when IU complemented the musical output churned out by him in this astounding debut project. Thereafter, he opened the behind-the-scenes story about the Rainy Days MV and how it depicted scenes from his daily life. Plus, he even shared with the host that the dog featured in the music video wasn’t actually Yeontan since he had to travel to Spain, so they ended up resorting to featuring Yeontan’s lookalike in the video instead.

He then divulges the reason why he chose the ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin as his creative producer for this album. After all that, IU and V even delivered a duet performance for the song Ending Scene, which brought Taehyung to appreciate the Palette band as well. Switching places, IU took on the challenge to perform the cover song of V’s Love Me Again, adding her tone and colour to the song’s new vocal interpretation, while V also took the opportunity to present a live performance of the song Slow Dancing.

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IU and Kim Taehyung - IU's Palette Ep 24

Kim Taehyung on His Future Acting Plans

During the show, IU also popped a crucial question to her guest, which his fans have otherwise been desperately awaiting to hear back about. She asked Kim Taehyung if he had any plans for his acting career in the future, to which, he replied that he in fact did! He then drove her attention to the Netflix series The End of the Fu**king World? and claimed that he wanted to try out the thriller genre. By speaking of the Netflix series, he mentioned that it had completely changed his thoughts on acting.

He even added that whenever people had asked him about what kind of a role he wanted to try out in the future, the protagonist of The End of the Fu**king World often became a reference point for him.

Watch Kim Taehyung on IU’s Palette Episode 24

YouTube video

The IU’s Palette Taehyung episode is now streaming YouTube.

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