Is Lee Yi Kyung Single? ‘Marry My Husband’ Villain Clarifies Dating Rumor With K-pop Idol

Lee Yi Kyung’s dating status became a hot topic as his recent K-drama “Marry My Husband” is currently a huge hit. 

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Here’s what happened.

Lee Yi Kyung Single? Actor Gets Honest About Relationship Status

As he takes on the role of Park Min Young’s character’s husband, the 35-year-old actor’s relationship piqued the interest of fans. 

The news came after Lee Yi Kyung appeared on Yoo Jae Suk’s show “Hangout With Yoo,” where fellow member and former Lovelyz member Mijoo was put in the hot seat.

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

(Photo : Mijoo Instagram)

The national MC teased her by saying that someone told him that she was secretly dating someone.

“I won’t reveal who that person is,” he added.

The other hosts speculated that Mijoo’s rumored boyfriend is a Christian since she was spotted going to church. While they didn’t name-drop the unknown person, some also speculated that it might be the actor.

However, Lee Yi Kyung shut down the dating rumor by giving a hilarious response, indicating that he is not dating the K-pop star.

“She goes to church, and I go to the temple. I’ve bowed 108 times.”

Lee Yi Kyung and Mijoo
(Photo : ) Lee Yi Kyung, Mijoo

It can be recalled that Lee Yi Kyung’s relationship also gained the public’s attention, involving him with the former Lovelyz member. Viewers got to see the diverse casting in “Hangout With Yoo” but also noticed the chemistry between Mijoo and Lee Yi Kyung.

In the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards, the duo performed the song “Trouble Maker” by HyunA and Hyunseung, and once again sparked dating rumors when they hit the stage as the crowd couldn’t get enough of their number.

Of course, Mijoo showcased her charm and remarkable stage presence, while Lee Yi Kyung flaunted his own sexiness and wit with his dance moves.

Apart from it, he also spoke about their different kinds of relationships after he bagged an award. As he took the stage to accept the Popularity Award, Lee Yi Kyung spoke about his closeness with his co-star.

“I prefer taking care of Mijoo rather than dating her, even if she is the last girl on Earth.”

Lee Yi Kyung to Have His Second Drama This 2024?

While “Marry My Husband” continues to experience huge success as it enters the second half, Lee Yi Kyung might have another webtoon-based series for this year.

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

As he takes on the villain role in Park Min Young’s drama, the actor is in talks to star in a rom-com K-drama.

Joining CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, Hong Seung Hee, Han Chae Ah, and Park Yoo Na from “True Beauty,” he is offered to take on the main character in “It’s You, Out of the Blue.”

On February 2, Star News reported that Lee Yi Kyung’s agency, Sanyoung Entertainment, confirmed that he received the proposal and is currently reviewing it.