Is There a Possibility of Hierarchy Season 2 on Netflix? Did the Show End on Cliffhanger?

Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for the highly anticipated Hierarchy Season 2, fuelled by the exceptional performances of the cast in the inaugural season and a gripping cliffhanger that unmistakably signals the story is far from over. Dedicated fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the chance to delve deeper into the world crafted by the talented actors. Helmed by director Bae Hyun-jin and penned by screenwriter Choo Hye-mi, the Korean mystery thriller drama 하이라키 stars Roh Jeong-eui as Jeong Jae-yi, Lee Chae-min as Kang Ha, and Kim Jae-won as Kim Ri-an in pivotal roles.

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This Netflix gem also showcases Ji Hye-won as Yoon He-ra, Lee Won-jung as Lee Woo-jin, Kwon Eun-bin as Ye Ji, Kim Tae-jung as Choi Yoon-seok, Pyo Young-seo as Ryu Ba-da, Kim Min-chul as In Han, Seo Jun as Kim Seon-woo, Seo Bum-june as Nam Joo-won, Lee Min-goo as Chan Min, and a host of other talented performers.

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The narrative revolves around Kang Ha, who secures admission to one of Korea’s most prestigious high schools, Jooshin High, courtesy of a scholarship. Jooshin High stands out as an institution where only the top 0.01% of students wield authority, surpassing even the teachers, and their mandates are unquestionably followed by all. However, Kang Ha finds himself at odds with this hierarchy as he pursues his own agenda—he’s determined to uncover the truth behind his brother’s mysterious demise and the potential involvement of the school. Amidst a backdrop of secrecy, vendettas, and blossoming romance, the series promises an enthralling journey that will captivate audiences.

Will There Be Hierarchy Season 2?

Well, if you’re wondering whether there might be a second season of the show. It seems quite likely, given the intriguing hints dropped in the finale. Despite being initially conceived as a limited series, the conclusion teased a potential continuation. We witness a chilling scene where Yoon He-ra stumbles upon a gruesome discovery – the lifeless body of Jeong Jae-yi’s brother, drenched in blood. Meanwhile, Kang Ha’s unsettling demeanour, evident as he casually strolls through the corridor, adds to the suspense.

His cryptic messaging hints at a deeper mystery unfolding. Additionally, Kim Ri-an’s mysterious text message, received from an unknown sender, only adds to the intrigue. While it may seem like Kang Ha is implicated in the death, the truth remains elusive. These unresolved threads suggest fertile ground for a compelling narrative in a possible next season.

Is There a Possibility of Hierarchy Season 2 on Netflix? Did the Show End on Cliffhanger?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t officially announced a renewal for the Korean drama series. Given that the first season just premiered today, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Netflix typically takes its time deliberating over the fate of its new shows. Should Netflix decide to greenlight another season, there’s ample opportunity for the writers to delve into fresh storylines and further unravel the mysteries introduced. Patience is key as we await any updates regarding the future of Hierarchy on Netflix.

You can watch Hierarchy now streaming on Netflix. To read our review of the show click on the below link.

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