Is This aespa Karina or Ningning? Viral Photo Sparks Confusion Among K-Netz

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A viral photo has sparked confusion among Korean netizens, with people wondering if the idol in question is aespa’s Karina or Ningning.

On June 7, 2024, a post titled “The aespa members’ faces are slowly starting to look like one another” was uploaded to Instiz, a popular South Korean online community forum. The original poster included several photos of a member of aespa.

The idol in the photo featured large, feline-like eyes and bangs that covered her forehead. Her v-line-shaped face was prominent, with slim cheeks and a short chin. Her lips appeared plump and her high nose bridge was accentuated due to her Bayonetta-styled glasses.

At first glance, you might confuse her for Karina. However, upon second glance, you’ll realize it’s actually Ningning!

Korean netizens who saw the post expressed their shock that the person in the photo was Ningning, stating they thought it was Karina. Some even claimed that they felt it was Karina, but she was exuding the vibes of fellow aespa member Winter, sparking even more confusion.

It was noted that SM Entertainment often makes sure their groups have visuals that are harmonious with one another. With their styling and concept, it is not a surprise that the members were starting to resemble one another. People loved how aespa, as well as other SM Entertainment groups, have good visual chemistry.

Others, however, believe the similarities are due to the fansite master’s editing, which made Ningning look like a different person.

Some comments from netizens read,

  • “I thought it was Karina for a moment as well.”
  • “That is Ningning? I thought it was Karina.”
  • “I thought it was Karina and thought, ‘Oh, she’s giving Winter vibes here.’ But it’s actually Ningning…”
  • “Oh? I saw this and thought ‘Karina looks like Ningning here…'”
  • “I can see Ningning, Winter, and Karina here.”
  • “Is that really Ningning? No, but I have always known that Ningning is super pretty, but they turned her into an entirely different person with the editing.”
  • “Ah, wow. I was thinking ‘I can see Ningning in Karina now.'”
  • “SM Entertainment usually forms groups based on their visual chemistry. I think that SM groups have the most harmonious visuals and vocal colors.”
  • “Wow, I also thought it was Karina for three seconds at first.”
  • “They’ve always looked at facial chemistry when making their groups.”

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