Is This RIIZE’s Biggest Secret Yet? Seunghan’s Return Discussed

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RIIZE member Seunghan has been on an indefinite hiatus since November 2023, prompting concerns among fans. Calls for clarity from SM Entertainment regarding his status in the group have intensified as fans eagerly await updates.

On July 10, 2024, fans were left perplexed when RIIZE members were observed exiting a schedule under unprecedented secrecy measures. Reports from fans indicated that staff deployed an ambulance and employed umbrellas, curtains, and boards to shield the group from public view.

LOL. Boards+umbrella+curtains+flash+ambulance.

– dolmannim

According to eyewitness accounts, the use of such extensive privacy measures, including flashing lights and obstructive boards, is highly unusual even for routine schedules. This unusual level of secrecy has sparked widespread speculation among fans about the nature of the event.

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Amidst the secrecy, speculation naturally turned towards Seunghan’s potential return. Fans, hopeful for positive news, wondered if the heightened secrecy indicated his presence at the undisclosed schedule.

“Are they trying to hide because Seunghan is there?” questioned one fan on social media, reflecting the sentiments of many hopeful followers.

However, some fans offered a more grounded explanation, pointing out that the secrecy might have simply been a precaution against unauthorized filming during a radio program appearance the same night.

A tweet clarified, “it was the Spotify radio event last night, and they covered the members while they were exiting cuz so many people had flashes on their cameras. that’s all “

Despite this clarification, the intrigue surrounding Seunghan’s return remains, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments from RIIZE and SM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, RIIZE member Seunghan has been indefinitely suspended from group activities, as announced by SM Entertainment on November 22. The decision comes amidst controversy surrounding leaked personal content on social media.

Seunghan expressed remorse for causing concern to the group and fans and opted for hiatus to prevent further damage. SM Entertainment stated they will pursue legal action against those responsible for spreading malicious content and emphasized their commitment to protecting their artists. RIIZE will continue promoting with six members while addressing the situation with vigilance and legal measures.