Is umbrella holding the job of security?

Article: Black Pink’s Jennie and Rose meet up in NYC, asking too much of security with umbrella holding?

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Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+417] Isn’t it usually a part of their job description?

– [+8] I don’t…. think so

– [+37] Probably better to stay neutral unless you’ve seen the contracts they signed

[+249] Well, the security are paid, so isn’t this something that is a part of their job?

– [+5] So just because they’re paid, they can just take all the rain? ㅋ Hey, since you’re paid, you don’t need an umbrella, huh? 

[+247] This isn’t even a big deal to be like this over 🥹 I’ll hold your umbrella for you ☔️

[+72] I’m sure Jennie and Rose have expensive security, asking them to hold their umbrella shouldn’t be an abusive ask

[+18] Then what about valey parking? Is that considered abusive too? 

[+62] I think only the media is making an issue out of this

[+71] They’re paid to do a job, what’s the issue?? 😂

[+30] Aigoo~ I highly doubt Jennie and Rose forced him to hold their umbrella, this isn’t even an issue 😮

[+8] I’d love to be paid to hold Jennie and Rose’s umbrella

[+6] Well, he’s their paid staff, no?? 😂

[+4] He was hired exactly for the reason, and he’s probably paid better than all of you so don’t worry so much