Israel, Fires on Gaza Residents Crowded in Aid Trucks… 104 Dead


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Israeli forces opened fire on residents crowded in relief trucks in the Gaza Strip, resulting in at least 104 deaths, according to reports by AFP, Reuters, and other foreign news agencies on the 29th (local time).

With a large-scale humanitarian disaster unfolding, it is expected to pose a major setback to the ongoing ceasefire negotiations.

According to witnesses, thousands of residents flocked to trucks carrying relief supplies at the Naboulsi intersection in western Gaza City on the day.

One witness told AFP, “Trucks loaded with relief supplies approached Israeli tanks, and then thousands of residents crowded around the trucks,” adding, “As people approached too close, the Israeli military opened fire on the crowd.” The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, tallied at least 104 deaths and 750 injuries from the Israeli military’s gunfire that day.

Moreover, the Health Ministry explained that major medical facilities in Gaza City, such as Al-Shifa Hospital, are facing difficulties in responding due to the overwhelming number of casualties being transported at once.

Earlier, Al Jazeera and the Associated Press reported that the Israeli military had struck residents waiting for relief supplies. However, an Israeli military spokesman denied the airstrike in the western area of Gaza City, releasing aerial footage taken at the time to refute the claim, stating that dozens of injuries occurred as people crowded onto relief trucks and jostled each other.

However, an Israeli military source later reported that some members of the crowd approached Israeli soldiers who were coordinating relief efforts and posed a threat, leading to the Israeli military opening fire in response.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the “heinous massacre” committed by Israeli occupying forces against residents awaiting relief supplies.

Hamas also warned in a statement that the incident could result in the failure of ongoing ceasefire and hostage release negotiations, stating, “Our leadership’s ongoing negotiations do not come at the expense of our people’s sacrifices. The responsibility for the failure of the negotiations lies with Israel.”


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