It turns out JYP’s character education was this strict… Jihyo said, ‘If you go to a bar, it’s an immediate suspension; if you go to a club, you’re out.’

apparently just got threatened bc i posted this😘

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After joining JYP, a training manager from the rookie development headquarters with 12 years of experience was introduced. Jihyo introduced him as “someone who nurtured us when we were trainees together.” When asked by Lee Seok-hoon about how JYP conducts personality education, she said, “There isn’t something called ‘character education’ specifically, but we do conduct similar types of education. We invite instructors for sex education and such.”

Lee Seok-hoon also asked Jihyo, “What was character education like back then?” Jihyo reminisced, saying, “If someone was rumored to have gone to a bar, they would immediately be suspended. Went to a club? Out. There were a few people like that.” When asked if adults couldn’t go, Jihyo replied, “That’s right. It was like that back then. It’s almost 10 years ago for me.”

Lee Seok-hoon bluntly asked, “What about friends whose personalities aren’t fixed even with character education?” The training manager replied, “For those who can’t fix their personalities, there’s no choice but to let them go.” Many end up debuting at other agencies after leaving. 


-There’s no problem with adults drinking and going to clubs. What does that have to do with character? Seriously. 

-She just answered because Lee Seok-hoon asked him, why the fuss?ㅋㅋㅋ

-Exactly, what’s the connection between drinking and going to clubs with character?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t school violence or drunk driving more related to character? Geez.

-Hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So drinking is worse than school violence? ㅋㅋㅋ

-Hoping for the bullies to be cut off soon^^…

-But apparently, bullying is okay…

-So what are they going to do with the school violence perpetrator?

-Going to a club is so much better than being a bully

-So being a bully is allowed, but not going to a bar?

-Apparently, harassing other people is not a big deal to them

-It’s a story from ten years ago, people

-‘There are many cases where they debut in other agencies after leaving like that.’

-Going to clubs is not allowed, but drunk driving and bullying are okay?

-No, most people are underage when they debut, so it’s natural that clubs and drinking are prohibited.

-Don’t these people even read the whole article? All Jihyo did was answering the questions Lee Seok-hoon asked her.

-It’s funny how this company talks about character education.

-Which idols from JYP got involved in DUI?