‘It Was Quite Inconvenient for Daily Life

Actor Lee Jun Ki has made a change to his long-standing hairstyle.

On September 9th, a video titled “What Happens When You Go to the Salon with the Content Team” was posted on the official channel of Namoo Actors.

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lee jun ki

In the video, Lee Jun Ki revealed that he had cut his long hair, which he had maintained for about a year, for the filming of tvN’s “Araramun’s Sword.” He jokingly said, “Our company’s content team asked if it wasn’t a waste to cut my long hair, so I’m leaving this video as evidence.”

Lee Jun Ki explained, “Long hair can be quite inconvenient in daily life. I wanted to cut it quickly, but I needed a goal. Before entering a project, I believe that I shouldn’t make changes to my body. Especially with hairstyles, characters can vary depending on whether it’s a historical drama or a modern one. Since there could be reshoots even after a project ends, I don’t make changes lightly.”

lee jun ki

When asked about his recent activities, Lee Jun Ki said, “First, I thoroughly cleaned and did some renovation work on my house. I was busy with renovation. I’ve been on a break for over a month now, but it felt busier. I’ve been looking at the script continuously, and before I knew it, the broadcast of ‘Araramun’s Sword’ is approaching.”

Expressing his surprise at how quickly time has passed, Lee Jun Ki said, “Fortunately, I didn’t feel bored during that time. Since we’ve been shooting outdoors continuously, my skin has become more sensitive. But after resting for about a month and a half, my cells have all regenerated, so my skin is in good condition. My face, body, and mind are all in a clean state,” he added with a contented smile.

lee jun ki

Regarding “Arthdal Chronicles 2” Lee Jun Ki said, “The success or failure of a project really depends on fate. I can’t achieve it with my own strength alone. However, as a professional, I do my best without regrets. When I enter a project, I don’t waste a single minute or second, both in terms of acting and my appearance. That’s one thing I always have confidence in.”

Meanwhile, “Arthdal Chronicles 2” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 PM.

Source: daum