ITZY and NMIXX Comebacks Are Only 1 Week Apart

From the beginning of the year, the K-pop girl group market seems to have heated up, as JYP girl groups ITZY and NMIXX come back just 1 week apart. While many fans are happy to witness the 2 groups’ return, the fact that their comebacks are neck-to-neck also roused a lot of concerns and questions. 

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This scheduling, however, can be attributed to JYP’s unique organizational structure, where autonomy within individual divisions allows for optimal timing and planning of album releases and comebacks. Despite concerns about potential competition, JYP’s approach prioritizes the most effective timing for each group’s activities, emphasizing the success-driven core of the company’s structure.


In the context of JYP’s distinctive organizational structure, ITZY and NMIXX have autonomously prepared for their comebacks within their respective divisions, which strategically time activities based on planning and analysis. The essence of JYP’s structure lies in the philosophy of Park Jin-young, the CEO and chief producer, who aimed to create a sustainable organization even in his absence.

A JYP representative explained to TEN Asia, “There are 5 independent divisions, each responsible for two artists/groups, and if each artist/group plans to make a comeback twice a year, at least two of them will have comebacks in the same month. Therefore, the comeback schedule inevitably overlaps even within the same JYP roof.”

The representative further stated, “While there is internal communication and coordination among the divisions, NMIXX is a rookie group that needs to broaden its presence through active activities, so they will make a comeback by taking over the baton of ITZY, who returned earlier in January.”


Meanwhile, ITZY made their comeback on January 8th with the new mini-album “BORN TO BE”. which quickly rose to the top of the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart on the same day. As of January 9th, the album has also achieved first place on iTunes Album Charts in 23 regions, including the United States, Brazil, Thailand, France, and Australia, showcasing their global popularity.

They are also doing well in physical sales. ITZY’s new album has been topping the Real-time and Daily Album Charts on Hanteo Chart since January 8th, proving fans’ enthusiastic support. In addition, the title track “UNTOUCHABLE” also ranks high on real-time charts of Korean music websites.

Featuring attractive lyrics, “UNTOUCHABLE” is a song that expresses the strength and firm determination of the message that “no one can stop me”.

While ITZY is promoting their comeback with “UNTOUCHABLE”, their junior group NMIXX will also return to the K-pop race on the 15th with their second mini album “Fe3O4: BREAK” and the title song “DASH”. This is the group’s comeback six months after the release of their third single “A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream” in July last year.


NMIXX has been showcasing their unique charms and potential from the start. Last year, the group entered Billboard 200 with their first mini album “expérgo” and met global fans through their first overseas showcase tour “NICE TO MIXX YOU”.

While expanding their fandom in Korea and overseas, NMIXX is determined to take another leap forward and prove their growth through this comeback.

ITZY, who are leading the music, choreography, fashion and visual trends, and NMIXX, who is expanding their unique worldview with more interpretations and metaphors, are carrying out promotional activities simultaneously with completely different strengths and charms. JYP sister groups are expected to heat up the K-pop scene in January with their comeback competition.

Source: Daum