ITZY ‘Better’ Without Lia? Angered MIDZYs Defend Idol from Harsh Claim

In an online community, MIDZYs were angered over a claim saying that ITZY as a group had improved due to Lia’s absence.

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ITZY Lia Defended by MIDZYs After Group Called ‘More Talented’ Without Idol

Earlier on November 17, JYP Entertainment announced member Lia’s indefinite hiatus due to anxiety disorder. The agency also added that Lia would not be able to participate in ITZY’s upcoming album in January 2024 and world tour.


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Afterwards, Lia followed up with a heartfelt note, assuring MIDZYs of her return and her full recovery. The idol also released her solo track “Blossom” for saddened fans.

“After thinking it through, I won’t be able to participate in the production of our album and upcoming world tour, since I’ll focus on recovering my health,” Lia stated.


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On December 11, netizens and MIDZYs gathered in an online thread titled “Doesn’t ITZY look more like a talented group with four people?

The author of the post uploaded a screenshot from ITZY’s “BORN TO BE” concept photo No. 2, featuring four members Chaeryoung, Yuna, Ryujin, and Yeji.

ITZY 'Better' Without Lia? Angered MIDZYs Defend Idol from Harsh Claim

(Photo : pannchoa)

ITZY 'Better' Without Lia? Angered MIDZYs Defend Idol from Harsh Claim

(Photo : Twitter: @ITZYofficial)

The photo was trailed by a harsh caption left by OP, who discredited Lia’s influence in ITZY and claimed that the group looked “better” without their main vocalist. It remarked:

“I don’t see a huge influence that Lia isn’t there. Now, we only have non-controversial members, and the talented ones are left right? A talented group’s image is way better.”

As the post progressed, the thread was filled in by netizens, who also agreed to the claims of Lia being “lacking” in the dancing aspect. Some also mentioned Lia’s bullying allegations on February 25, 2021, which were denied by JYP Entertainment.

Read their comments below:

  •  “Lia is so lacking. She’s got the visuals and is the group’s main vocalist, but she just can’t use her body for performing.”
  •  “Honestly, they should’ve kicked Lia out during her school violence controversy. After that incident, she kind of blocked ITZY’s future. They won’t be tackled if they withdraw her.”
  •  “Lia is so uncoordinated. I’m more shocked with the fact that she was able to tough it out for five years.”

Others were neutral, saying that while calling Lia “talentless” was unnecessary, they were also curious on how ITZY will pull off their comeback with only four members.

  •  “I’m still waiting for Lia’s comeback, but I’m also curious to see how they’ll pull off the title song and how good the choreography now that Lia isn’t there.”
  •  “Lia simply can’t dance, but I wouldn’t call her talentless.”

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MIDZYs were enraged with the harsh remarks and expressed their frustration over the negative context. They also called out these commenters’ decision to slander Lia despite knowing the idol was currently undergoing hiatus due to mental health reasons.

  •  “These comments are horrible. Let’s not do too much on the best vocalist in the group. Everyone wants more idols who can sing and then say s**t like this.”
  •  “Lia was taking a break 1000 percent due to mental health then you have people posting stuff like this and people actually agreeing with it.”
  •  “Why do this when you know it’s just the unjustified hater bone in you talking bad about a girl who clearly worked hard to catch up with four good dancers in the group and is a pivotal member since she’s the main vocalist?”

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