ITZY Chaeryeong Selects THIS Junior As Her Favorite Girl Group

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Among her junior K-pop girl groups, ITZY Chaeryeong revealed that she has been a fan of THIS team these days.

The idol communicated with MIDZYs (fandom), answering questions posted on their fandom group recently. Among the hundreds of posts dedicated to Chaeryeong, one question stood out.

“Chaeryeong, what’s your favorite girl group these days? (aside from ITZY).”

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

She quickly answered:


When fans saw this, they immediately understood why she recently randomly posted a cover of “Midas Touch” on TikTok, the recent comeback song of KISS OF LIFE.

As of the writing, the video amassed about 3 million views on TikTok, nearing 1 million hearts.

In the comments, K-pop fans raved over these “crumbs,” saying:

  • “Chaeryeong stans are we okay?”

   @itzyofficial #WHAT_MIDZY_WANT_2024 ꜱʜᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍɪᴅᴀꜱ ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜ #ITZY #MIDZY  #CHAERYEONG #채령 ♬ Midas Touch – KISS OF LIFE    

  • “Natty and Chaeryeong interaction is needed again.”
  • “Chaeryeong slayed this concept.”
  • “Kissy and Midzy, how are we doing?”
  • “OMG, the dance we thought Chaeryeong would never do “

With the catchy and sultry discography of KIOF, netizens are guessing that one of the reasons Chaeryeong liked the quartet was because of their concept that perfectly matched the idol’s music and choreography preferences.

However, fans think that Chaeryeong is also showing affection to its members especially Natty, whom she trained with together for a long time under JYP Entertainment.

Aside from appearing in “Sixteen” together, a survival program created TWICE, they are also prospective trainees who were supposed to debut together under ITZY. Unfortunately, only Chaeryeong made it to the final cut.

After leaving JYP, Natty joined Pledis’s survival show, “Idol School” which birthed fromis_9, but after being eliminated, she decided to debut as a soloist under Swing Entertainment. In 2020, she signed with S2 Entertainment and debuted with KISS OF LIFE.

Despite promoting under different labels, Chaeryeong continued to show her close relationship with Natty by supporting her team, KISS OF LIFE.

A post shared by instagram

On the other hand, ITZY, the group to which Chaeryeong belongs is continuing its momentum in the K-pop scene with its ITZY 2ND WORLD TOUR, “Born to Be.”

After completing their European concert leg on the 5th, the quintet will then grace Japan starting with its concert in Tokyo (May 17-19) and Osaka (May 22).

In June, they will visit North America including Seattle as well as Oakland, Los Angeles, Sugar Land, Irving, Atlanta, Fairfax, Newark, and Chicago. They will also go to Toronto and finish the tour after their performances in Taiwan, Manila, Philippines and Hong Kong from July to August.