ITZY Lia Forced to Take Hiatus — Real Reason Revealed

In a recent announcement by JYP Entertainment, it has been revealed that ITZY Lia will be temporarily stepping away from her activities due to health concerns.

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ITZY Lia To Take A Break Due to Health Concerns

According to the company’s statement, Lia has been suffering from tension and anxiety related to her hectic schedules. In response to her condition, the ITZY member sought medical consultation and underwent a thorough examination.

Doctors have advised that she requires both stability and treatment to address her health concerns adequately. As a result, the management and members have collectively decided to prioritize her well-being above all else.

JYP Entertainment

(Photo : JYP Entertainment) Notice from JYPE

Consequently, Lia will be taking a break from her scheduled activities to focus on her treatment. The decision to temporarily withdraw from her commitments was made after careful deliberation among the group members and their management.


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The timeline for Lia’s return to her regular activities remains uncertain and will depend on her progress and discussions with the group.

JYP Entertainment expressed their sincere apologies for any concerns this may have caused among fans and pledged to keep the public updated on Lia’s recovery and future plans.

MIDZYs Express Worries, Wish for ITZY Lia’s Quick Recovery

ITZY Lia is undoubtedly cherished by fans worldwide, and their collective hope is for her speedy recovery and return to the stage. 

  • “Please know that we understand and support your decision to take time for yourself. Take all the time you need, my love your health is more important to us and we just want you to be happy and healthy. “
  • “Please give Lia all the time and care needed until she feels better “
  • “hoping that everything will be ok, our jisu get well soon your health is more important”
  • “Lia, get as much rest as you need. Don’t worry about anything but yourself from now on. Thank you for your hard work. We will wait for you until we meet again. I love you, Lia “
  • love you in any circumstances, please prioritize your well-being above all, and remember it will always be a pleasure from our end to stand by your side at any means,
  • “We hope you get all the rest you need to come back even more stronger, we will miss you, but this is for the best! Hwaiting Choi Lia!!”

The K-pop industry is a world of glitz, glamour, and electrifying performances, but it comes with an often-hidden cost – the toll it takes on the physical and mental health of idols.