ITZY Lia suspends activities due to health reasons “I was worried that fans would be upset”

ITZY Lia expressed feelings after announcing the suspension of her activities

Lia posted a handwritten letter on ITZY’s official channel on Sep 18th.

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itzy lia letter

Through the handwritten letter, Lia said, “I think our MIDZY (ITZY’s official fandom name) must have been very surprised to hear the news today. Even if I’m just a little bit sick, MIDZY are more worried than anyone else, so I was worried that MIDZY would be heartbroken and upset after hearing this news. However, at the same time, MIDZY know and trust me more than anyone else, so I was able to muster up my courage because I know MIDZY will understand and wait for me.

Recalling the memories she had made with the members and fans since her debut, Lia confessed, “They were such precious times, but I realized that I was gradually losing track of myself while continuously running. Since you all are the people I’m always grateful to more than anyone else, I want to give you only love and happiness. In order to do that, I think I need some time to fill myself up with self love first.”

itzy lia

She added, “I’ll come back healthier so that I can repay our MIDZY for waiting and worrying about me. Thank you and love you.”

According to the agency JYP Entertainment, Lia recently suffered from extreme tension and anxiety and received counseling and examination. After receiving advice from the medical staff that she needs rest and treatment as well as after careful discussion with the members, she decided to take a break for the time being and concentrate on treatment from Sep 18th.

The agency JYP explained, “The timing of Lia’s resumption of activities will be decided after sufficient discussion between her and the members.

Source: Daum