ITZY Members Open Solo Instagram Accounts — And MIDZYs Are Overjoyed

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MIDZYs were relieved and happy when ITZY members finally opened their accounts on Instagram.

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ITZY Members Open Solo Instagram Accounts, MIDZYs Ecstatic Over Group’s Expanding Social Media Presence

On February 11, ITZY uploaded a post on Instagram, which relayed the official solo Instagram accounts of members Yeji (@yezyizhere), Lia (@lia_loves___), Ryujin (@iamfinethankyouandryu), Chaeryoung (chaerrry0), and Yuna (@igotyuandme).

For the members’ opening posts, they uploaded photos during their time in Paris, France, alongside several other images that showed their close bond.  

See their posts below:


A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram


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ITZY debuted on February 12, 2019, and is one of fourth-gen’s representative K-pop groups. With their fifth anniversary this 2024, it’s only a matter of time before each member would have their own account on Instagram.

Releasing solo Instagram accounts was a wise move for the group, as they have already established a massive following in both domestic and international areas. In light of the reveal, netizens were more than happy to follow their accounts.

Where is ITZY Lia Now? Current Status of Group's Main Vocalist After Announcing Hiatus
(Photo : Instagram:
(Photo : twitter|@ITZYofficial@)

On the same day (February 12), netizens gathered in an online community to discuss ITZY’s solo IG reveal, which according to many, was long overdue. The author embedded each of the members’ introduction posts, followed by a slew of fans in the comments section.

MIDZYs were overjoyed, saying how it took so long for the members to have their accounts, while others expressed opinions over their usernames.

Read their comments below:

  • “Congrats, I choked up at the first photo.”
  • “Wow, it took them so long. Finally.”
  • “It took them way too long but it’s still a relief that they got one now.”
  • “Ryujin’s ID is so corny I can’t, love her though.”
  • “Yeji’s username is giving middle school in 2014 lol but glad they finally have accounts.”
  • “Happy to see Lia here, with her on hiatus I thought she wouldn’t open one. JYP was consistent in opening IGs for 5th anniversaries with SKZ and ITZY.”
  • “Imk Yeji’s one is good. It’s like a combination of her and the team’s name. Chae’s is cute and for Lia, I see the vision. But Ryu’s and Yuna’s usernames, I don’t know.”

ITZY Yuna Shares Thoughts of Having Solo Instagram Account

On August 5, 2023, ITZY members Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna appeared on “K Star Next Door” with host Jonathan Yiombi.

ITZY Yuna's Solo Instagram Plans Revealed — Will JYPE Grant Her Wish?
(Photo : TheQoo)

At the episode’s 18:20 mark, Jonathan brought up a request from a MIDZY, which mentioned ITZY’s goal to have individual Instagram accounts in 2023. Yuna responded that while she truly wanted to open her own account, having one would also mean being responsible for it.

ITZY Yuna's Solo Instagram Plans Revealed — Will JYPE Grant Her Wish?
(Photo : TheQoo)

The exchange was brought to light in an online thread, where fans and netizens blasted JYP Entertainment for lacking foresight when it came to promoting each ITZY member.

Moreover, they also claimed that ITZY should have their solo accounts, given their seniority in the fourth-gen, exposure in the industry, and solid core fanbase.

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