ITZY Ryujin & Lia Spill the Tea— How Rule-Breaking ‘Almost’ Ended Their Journey

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ITZY’s Ryujin and Lia, known for their exceptional talent and charisma, opened up about their formative years as trainees at JYP Entertainment in a revealing interview on the PSICK SHOW.

This popular K-pop duo, celebrated for their powerful performances and captivating stage presence, provided valuable insights into the often rigorous and demanding journey they embarked on before achieving stardom.

The interview, hosted by comedians Lee Yong Joo, Kim Min Soo, and Jung Jae Hyung, delved deep into the world of K-pop trainees and the unique aspects of character assessments and education.

The conversation on the PSICK SHOW allowed fans and viewers to glimpse the inner workings of JYP Entertainment’s training system and the dedication required of aspiring artists.

Rule-Breaking Confessions: How ITZY’s Ryujin and Lia Survived Penalties and Trainee Life

One of the hosts, Lee Yong Joo, observed that many JYP Entertainment artists he had encountered appeared to be in good mental and physical health.


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Inquisitive about the secret behind this, he posed a question to Ryujin and Lia: “Do you also have a special management method at JYP?”

Kim Min Soo delved further into the discussion, inquiring about the character education that trainees undergo at JYP.

Ryujin proceeded to shed light on the training system, revealing that trainees receive character education approximately once every two weeks. Notably, the trainees are evaluated not only on their singing and dancing skills but also on their character.

Ryujin openly shared her own experiences as a trainee, acknowledging that her trainee scores typically placed her in the middle of the pack.

ITZY Ryujin

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ITZY Ryujin

She admitted that her personality score wasn’t particularly high, citing her tendency to express her opinions assertively.

Her candidness about her standing among the trainees resonated with the audience, showcasing her humility and authenticity.

However, what caught the attention of many fans was the revelation that both Ryujin and Lia frequently received penalties for a specific rule violation: eating in the practice room.

Despite their immense talent, this recurring infraction led them to believe that they might face the possibility of being cut from the trainee program.

Lia candidly expressed her concerns, stating, “I always thought, ‘I might get cut this month’ because I received a lot of penalty points.”


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Jovial Moments: ITZY’s Ryujin and Lia Recall Trainee Days’ Rankings

The conversation then took an amusing turn when the hosts asked the pair to identify which ITZY member had the highest score during their trainee days.

Ryujin promptly named their leader, Yeji, as the top trainee in this regard. Lia, momentarily reminiscing about Ryujin’s high standing as a trainee, humorously commented that they were colleagues, generating laughter among everyone present.

Despite their occasional rule-breaking, it’s evident that Ryujin and Lia’s undeniable talents and exceptional character eventually paved their way to debut as members of ITZY.

Their journey from being trainees to becoming K-pop stars has been a testament to their dedication and resilience, inspiring fans around the world.

ITZY recently made a comeback with their mini-album “KILL MY DOUBT,” further solidifying their status as one of the leading acts in the K-pop industry.