ITZY Yuna Receives Heartwarming Gift From Her Mother — Here’s Why MIDZYs Are In Tears

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ITZY’s Yuna has MIDZYs in tears after revealing the gift she received from her mother.

Currently, ITZY is embarking on their world tour, “Born to Be.” They are going to cities all around the world, spending extended periods of time away from their families to perform for fans. Despite their busy schedules, familial love cannot be stopped, with Yuna’s mom flying to her to give her a special gift.

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ITZY Yuna Shares a Thoughtful Gift From Her Mother

On April 24, 2024, a post titled “ITZY Yuna’s mother’s gift that brings tears to your eyes” was posted to the well-known South Korean online community forum, TheQoo.

In the post, the original poster (OP) shared a tweet from a fan that included screenshots taken from Yuna’s Bubble chats. Their tweet reads, “This is the best gift that Yuna has received from her mom. How can such a family exist? Yuna said she shed a bit of tears after she received the gift. If it were me, I would have sobbed.”

The screenshots are from messages Yuna sent to fans on Bubble. She revealed that her mother flew all the way to her and gave it to her as a gift. After receiving it, she cried.

She then sent a photo of the gift, which shows popsicle sticks with words on them. It is likely being held by a container so that it does not fall.

Yuna then revealed that her mom asked her to pick a popsick stick. Yuna did so and was asked to pick another and guess what was written on the popsick sticks.

Yuna jokingly asked, “My strengths?” She was surprised when her mother nodded and claimed tears started welling up in her eyes. Yuna’s mom wrote down 500 of her strengths on each stick.

Some of the compliments written on the popsick sticks include, “She is confident,” “She laughs well and she has a beautiful smile,” “She brings happiness to others through her work,” “She knows how to appreciate the smell of the forest,” and “She expressed her love for her dad affectionately.”

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According to fans, Yuna’s mother flew all the way to London to give the gift to her. The group is currently on tour, and their latest stop was in the United Kingdom.

MIDZYs React to ITZY Yuna’s Moving Gift From Her Mother

People who saw the post couldn’t help but be touched. They stated that Yuna is such a sweetheart and why she is so confident, and now it makes sense why. From the gifts, netizens conclude that she was raised with a lot of love from her parents. Netizens claim they can feel the love through the pictures.

A post shared by instagram

Others stated that they also shed tears reading the post, unable to hide how touching the situation is.

Some comments read,

  • “Wow, this is so touching.”
  • “Why am I tearing up?”
  • “Yuna is such a sweetheart, and it’s because she receives a lot of love from her family.”
  • “When I see things like this, I can’t hold back my tears.”
  • “This is why Yuna is a sweetheart.”
  • “Wow. I wonder how it feels to grow up so loved.”
  • “Yuna must’ve grown up receiving so much love.”
  • “This is amazing. How can you not shed tears?”
  • “This is how parents should be.”
  • “Seeing this, I can see why Yuna is so confident.”
  • “I can feel the love just looking at these photos.”

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