ITZY Yuna’s Wardrobe Goes Haywire on Stage Members Rushes to Rescue: ‘Could have gone so badly…’

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Amidst the electrifying performances of ITZY’s BORN TO BE world tour at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, a moment of unexpected drama unfolded when Yuna, one of the group’s members, found herself on the brink of a wardrobe malfunction.

The incident not only caught the audience off guard but also showcased Yuna’s unique response when assistance came from an unexpected source.

ITZY’s Stellar Kickoff to the BORN TO BE World Tour

The group recently embarked on their highly-anticipated BORN TO BE world tour, enthralling fans with their stellar performances.

(Photo : Twitter|@ITZYofficial)

Having graced the stage for two consecutive days at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, ITZY proved once again why they are a powerhouse in the K-pop scene, setting the tone for an unforgettable tour experience.

The Unraveling String: Yuna Faces On-Stage Wardrobe Dilemma

As the members of ITZY delivered a powerful performance, keen-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice Yuna grappling with a wardrobe malfunction.

In the midst of the intense choreography, Yuna spotted a loose string on her top, setting the stage for a remarkable turn of events that would captivate the audience and become the talk of the town.

Chaeryeong’s Rescue Mission: A Patience-Tested On-Stage Moment

Fortune favored Yuna as fellow member Chaeryeong quickly came to the rescue, attempting to fix the wardrobe malfunction.

However, what ensued was a testament to Yuna’s professionalism as she decided to continue the performance with an unflinching commitment to her craft.

The on-stage camaraderie between Yuna and Chaeryeong added an unexpected layer of entertainment to the spectacle.

Netizens React: Laughter, Concerns, and Appreciation for Yuna’s Professionalism

Following the incident, social media platforms were ablaze with reactions from netizens.


pleaseee she’s so funny why did she keep moving

That could have ended so badly if she didn’t catch it in time

Chaeryeong looks like a stylist in a hurry

she’s so unserious

The maknae privilege is too good here lol
girl just stand still for 5 seconds

yuna’s motto is “the show never stops”

While some fans expressed concerns about the dangers of such wardrobe choices given the group’s intense choreography, the majority marveled at Yuna’s unwavering professionalism.

The unexpected on-stage dynamic between Yuna and Chaeryeong sparked laughter among netizens, with many jokingly suggesting that a bit more stillness from Yuna could have made Chaeryeong’s impromptu wardrobe rescue mission a tad bit easier.