ITZY’s Explosive New Track ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ Sparks a Heated Debate Among Korean Netizens — ‘I was expecting it to be..”

Highlighting ITZY’s versatility, “Born to Be” comprises ten tracks spanning various genres. Notably, each member of the quintet delivers solo performances, a first for the group. Intriguingly, the solo track music videos were strategically released in the lead-up to the album launch.

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Striking Visuals and Individual Talents

Amidst Lia’s hiatus, the quartet promoted the album, yet all members, including Lia, had their solo moments, emphasizing their distinct talents. The pre-release music videos for “Born to Be” and “Mr. Vampire” added to the album’s allure, setting the stage for a captivating musical journey.


(Photo : instagram)

The Empowering Anthem “UNTOUCHABLE”

The lead single, “UNTOUCHABLE,” captivates with mid-tempo EDM beats and a compelling guitar chorus. Crafted by acclaimed songwriters Bang Hye Hyun and Lee Seu Ran, the song’s potent lyrics convey a message of resilience and strength in the face of challenges.


(Photo : Youtube)


(Photo : Youtube)

The accompanying music video is a visual spectacle, featuring ITZY as formidable female warriors amid an army of robots.

Korean netizens’ reactions to “UNTOUCHABLE” and the “Born to Be” album have been diverse. While some praise the song’s unique style and the group’s stunning visuals, others express preferences for tracks like “Mr. Vampire.”

Despite varying opinions on the musical style, there is a consensus on ITZY’s powerful visual portrayal and individual talents.

From Admiration to Critique: Netizens Speak Out

Opinions range from expressions of love and admiration for the song’s refreshing style to critiques noting a divergence from ITZY’s usual musical preferences. Yet, a common thread is the appreciation for the members’ individual beauty and the overall aesthetic of the music video.

Here is a snapshot of Korean netizens’ sentiments:

“I was expecting it to be like Cheshire 2. “
“I thought they were going to bring a Japanese song or something. The kids are pretty, but it’s a little disappointing. “
“IDK. The song sounds pretty common with a typical smaller idol production quality… But I did finish watching the entire MV because Yuna is gorgeous.”
“The song isn’t good or bad, it’s so-so… It’s boring, but each member has matching hair color and their visuals are at their peak.”
“Wow. All four of them look so good…”
“I’m not really feeling this song.”
“Aw, Chaeryeong is so pretty.”
“The lyrics are different from the cake song, but what makes them the same every time… “
“Ah…why don’t you give me a good song…? “
“OMG. This is a f*cking banger. I feel like it’s actually one of their best title tracks yet!”

Despite differing opinions on the musical style, the overall consensus on ITZY’s powerful visual portrayal and individual talents remains strong, solidifying their status as a formidable force in the K-pop industry.