IU Birthday Celebration Donation


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Left: 50,000,000 KRW to ‘Child and Youth Care Home’

Right: 50,000,000 KRW to Korean Society Welfare

Left: 50,000,000 KRW to individuals with hearing impairment

Right: 50,000,000 KRW to Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association

-Impressive 💜

-Wow… Happy birthday, Jieun 💜

-It isn’t easy to do this consistently. It’s very impressive and cool. 

-Great job, IU.

-She’s really a cool person 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

-Didn’t she also donate on Children’s Day? That’s really cool… Happy birthday!!

-So admirable… Happy birthday, IU!!

-Regardless of the amount, consistent donations are really impressive.

-Happy birthday, Jieun💜 I sincerely hope all the love you’ve given will return to you throughout your life.

-It seems like IU donates to the places that really need help… Which makes this even more touchingㅜㅜ

-IU, always overflowing with love.

-She’s really an amazing woman ㅠㅠ So cool.

-Donating consistently every Children’s Day, her birthday, and her debut anniversary isn’t easy, really admirable.

-She donated recently for Children’s Day and now again for her birthdayㅜㅜㅜㅜ

-She donated 100 million won on Children’s Day, and now less than two weeks later, 200 million…? Wow, really impressive…

-An angel of donation!