IU Celebrates New Career Milestone By Doing THIS — What’s Next For The Hallyu Star?

Singer-actress IU transforms into a donation fairy once again this 2023 as she shakes hands with various non-government organizations in celebration of her 15th debut anniversary.

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Not only did she unlock a new milestone, IU also made a significant memory with her beloved fans who have supported her since the beginning. Check out the details below.

IU Donates Millions To Commemorate Debut Anniversary

In celebration of a memorable milestone, IU makes a heartfelt donation to organizations in hopes to ease the burden of its beneficiaries.


(Photo : IU Instagram)

This 2023, the singer-actress celebrates her 15th year in the industry. Since 2008, she has produced top-charting music and high-scale dramas that made an impact on the viewers.

“Hotel del Luna,” “Dream High” and “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” remain her most note-worthy dramas. Apart from that, she also starred in films like “Broker” and “Dream.”

On September 18, EDAM Entertainment, IU’s agency, announced that in celebration of this milestone, the singer-actress made a total of 300 million KRW (227,000 USD) donation.

Broker Poster

(Photo : CJ ENM Official Instagram)

Asan Medical Center, Korea National Association of Child Welfare and Seoul Child Hospital were chosen as beneficiaries. To recall, IU also aided the organizations during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

The donation will be used to fund the medical care for female cancer patients as well as support the building of facilities to support youth and marginalized groups.

IU thanked her fans for their generous support. She said, “I want to share the love I received from you to others in hopes to change their lives. I love you and thank you.”


(Photo : EDAM Entertainment Instagram)

To show her appreciation to her supporters, the artist made the donations under the name IUAENA which is a combination of her name and her fandom. Happy 15th Anniversary, IU!

IU Reveals Career Plans This 2023

Following the success of her sports drama film “Dream,” IU shared her plans in acting and her career.


(Photo : IU Official Instagram)

According to her, she didn’t set any limits and expectations for herself. IU said that she only wants to enjoy things now that she’s in her 30s.

The singer-actress still plans to thrive career-wise while allowing things to happen on their own. At the moment, she’s preparing for her long anticipated period series “You Have Done Well.”

IU, Park Bo Gum

(Photo : IU Instagram | News1)

In the drama, IU transforms into the rebellious young woman named Ae Soon who dreams of becoming a world-renowned poet.

She will work alongside Park Bo Gum who takes on the role of Gwan Sik. IU guarantees that the drama will deliver a lighthearted watching experience through the life of Ae Soon.

“You Have Done Well” is currently in the middle of production, and it’s aimed to be released in early 2024. Stay tuned for further details.