IU’s 100th Win Controversy Sparks Outrage Among (G)I-DLE Fans — ‘I hope this is a mistake…’

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In a recent milestone achievement, IU secured her 100th music show win, but the celebration is marred by skepticism from (G)I-DLE fans regarding the score tally.

Forum Flare-up: Questioning Music Bank’s Score Tally

Late on February 9, a heated discussion erupted on the Korean forum “theqoo” under the topic titled “Music Bank score tally that is being discussed,” swiftly capturing the attention of many.

(Photo : theqoo)

The discussion centers around IU’s latest triumph on Music Bank with her song “Love Wins All,” marking her 100th music show win.

However, attached to this victory is a score tally that has sparked controversy, especially considering (G)I-DLE’s entry “Super Lady,” which trailed closely behind.

Dissecting the Tally: Anomalies Uncovered

Critics scrutinized the score tally, revealing glaring anomalies. Despite (G)I-DLE’s impressive feat of selling over 1.4 million albums on Hanteo, the group received a perplexing zero points for physical sales.

(Photo : instagram) (G)I-DLE

Given the tight margin between (G)I-DLE and IU, this omission of proper recognition for physical sales raises eyebrows, hinting that (G)I-DLE might have emerged victorious with a fair assessment.

Online Outcry and Campaign for Transparency

In response, disgruntled fans took to social media platforms to voice their discontent, rallying under the hashtag #KBSmusicbankcorruption. Additionally, they bombarded KBS with mass emails, demanding transparency and accountability regarding the score tally.

(Photo : instagram)

Notably, IU’s fans also expressed frustration, lamenting the overshadowing of her milestone win by the controversy. They empathized with (G)I-DLE supporters, acknowledging the apparent unfairness in the scoring process.

Netizens’ Reactions

Commentary from netizens reflected the widespread outrage and confusion:

“Music Bank’s scoring system has been f*cked up since forever.”
“Some are saying that the physical score used for (G)I-DLE is that for ‘Wife’ since ‘Wife’ has a better digital score… However, KBS banned ‘Wife’ due to the lyrics, so this couldn’t have been the case.”
“This really doesn’t make sense.”
“I hope this is a mistake because there’s seriously no logical explanation for this.”
“A physical sales score of 0 is simply ridiculous for an album that sold over a million copies.”

“Could it be a mistake of omission? No matter how I look at it, it’s strange”
“You gave points to a song that wasn’t even in the nominations because it was ineligible? What is this…. “

Beyond the controversy simmers, fans await KBS’s response, hoping for clarity and fairness in the assessment of music show victories.