IU’s Agency Shares Reform Policies In Ticket Booking Following Concert Controversy — See Official Statement

EDAM Entertainment has released a statement containing the updates regarding its ticket booking policies.

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IU’s Agency Reforms Policies In Ticket Processing, Apologizes Once Again For Issue

Earlier on April 3, EDAM Entertainment addressed the concert ticket controversy that transpired during IU’s “H.E.R.” world tour in Seoul.

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The issue revolved around claims that some of the agency’s staff had “stolen” seats from fans and that a concertgoer was denied entry to the show despite having acquired an official ticket.

After apologizing for the mistake, EDAM assured proposed a solution to prevent similar mishaps in the future. The agency revealed that the performance team would discuss the case and come up with a better implementation.

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Since everyone feels the need to improve, our performance team will discuss the case and solve it together to find a better solution,” EDAM shared.

On April 9, EDAM announced a follow-up statement regarding the case, which contained an apology for its mistakes and a list of new policies regarding ticket selling.

Read the full statement here:

“This is EDAM Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to express our sincerest apologies to the fans who have been affected by our excessive verification processes on the ticket reservation of IU’s 2024 World Tour Solo Concert in Seoul.

We deeply apologize to the fans who always support our artist and to the artist who was disappointed and hurt by this incident. As of April 9, 2024, we will listen to the opinions of fans and share the revised plans. Please check the details below.

1.    Abolishment of the reward system for illegal ticket transactions (Secret word system)

We will completely abolish the reward system for illegal ticket transactions and strengthen our internal monitoring team to prevent illegal transactions and premium ticket reservations. In the event where verification process is required, we will improve by doing the following.

  • We will not consider cases that involve financial transactions in ticket reservations as illicit trading (For example: attempted bookings between family members and acquaintances).
  • We will guide you through the verification guidelines regarding the policy on illicit ticket transactions before ticket reservations for domestic concerts are opened.
  • We will simplify the verification process according to the revised notice and not let fans feel the burden due to inaccurate verification processes.

2.    Procedures for verifying the identity of the ticket receiver

We are aware of the improvement needed regarding the identification process of children and adolescent audiences. We will do our best to improve by referring to various cases from other companies.

  • If you are unable to identify with an ID card, we will arrange certain procedures to allow ticket collection after a verification process with their familial relationship through a relationship or resident registration certificate.
  • For those with new passports, we will continue the initial process of verifying their identity without a passport certificate.

3.    Improvement of the official fan club’s permanent expulsion system policy

We are currently operating the system to prevent online and offline premium transactions and fraudulent tickets. However, we feel responsible more than ever due to the latest issues.

With this in mind, we would like to improve the permanent expulsion system of the official fan club. Right now, the fan club’s expulsion will be operated as a penalty application (Example: membership restriction) rather than a permanent expulsion.

  • The criteria for the expulsion have changed through improving the premium trading and illicit ticket policies, and therefore, we will release all permanent expulsion applications for the existing IU official fan club.
    However, the ones who infringe on the artist’s privacy or safety will not be included in this permanent release list in accordance to the fan E-ticket guidelines.

Those who have also caused issues inside the fandom in the past or may bring issues in the future will be punished by ‘permanent expulsion’ without hesitation.

  • We will closely review the related content to prevent similar cases in the future and thoroughly discuss and prepare the application’s criteria.

Our staff are aware of the system reorganization and related problems due to this issue. We will do our best to prevent recurrence and improve by listening to different opinions.

Once again, we apologize for hurting the fans and our artist, who may have felt uncomfortable due to our management policy. We will continue to monitor and accept your suggestions for the sake of progress. Furthermore, future improvements are being discussed.

We, with Melon Ticket, and our performance team, will do our best to compensate fans who suffered damages during the ticket reservation process. As a result of this incident, we will strive to become an agency that listens to fans and our artists. We apologize.”

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