IVE An Yujin looked like an actress at the Milan Fendi show in real time

IVE An Yujin attended the Milan Fendi show in real time

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1. Why are the clothes so weird?

2. An Yujin can wear that type of outfit

3. Wow, short hair suits her so much

4. Yujin also looks pretty with short hair

5. She looks like an actress. Her aura is amazing

6. That hairstyle suits her so well

7. She looks like a model, her figure is really cool

8. She has a face like an actress and a body like a model

9. Wow, she looks like a model

10. I’m jealous of her appearance, she’s pretty and cool

11. Wow crazy, Yujin is so pretty

12. Her face is really pure and pretty

13. She’s pretty and cool and her legs are amazing

14. She has actress vibes

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