IVE Completes Recording for New Album…”No Double Title Tracks”


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IVE is reported to recently have finished recording their new song and has begun preparations for their comeback promotion. Unlike their previous albums, they plan to promote with just one title track instead of double title tracks.

IVE is currently holding tours in North America as part of their first world tour, ‘Show What I Have’, and has recorded consecutive sellouts in Los Angeles and Oakland.


-Wow… Finally

-When are they going to have the comeback?

-I’m really looking forward to it!!

-Wow, I’m really excited about this. I loved how they released 2 to 3 MVs in one comeback last year because I get to watch various MVsㅋㅋㅋ They’ve been busy this year, so I think even filming one MV is already overwhelming for them.

-That’s a great choice. It’s better to just focus in one track instead of dividing their focus to multiple tracks. 

-Having multiple title tracks somehow decreased the interest in the main title track, so it’s better to just focus on one title track.

-I think it’s also better to not have a pre-release track…

-Isn’t New Jeans also preparing for their comeback now?? I have a feeling these two groups are going to have comebacks in similar period of time…

-It’s a relief. Having multiple title tracks somehow makes me unable to remember any of them properly.

-Is it going to be a single, a mini album or are they simply just releasing 1 title track?

-Yeah… Let’s just have 1 title trackㅠㅠ I really hope they would just focus on 1 title trackㅠㅠ

-I know how busy they are these days, so I would be more than grateful if they released even just one songㅠㅠ

-I’ve been waiting for IVE to come back…