IVE ‘HEYA’ Choreography Draws Mixed Reactions For THIS Reason

The choreography for IVE’s “HEYA” is drawing attention, but not for the right reasons.

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IVE made their long-awaited comeback on April 29, 2024, with their second mini-album, “IVE SWITCH.” Alongside the album’s release was the music video for the lead single, “HEYA.” While fans loved the theme and concept, the choreography for the track is drawing mixed reactions.

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International DIVEs Criticize IVE’s ‘HEYA’ Choreography

On May 2, 2024, a post titled “The reaction from international fans on IVE’s choreography for ‘HEYA’ that is getting explosive retweets right now” was shared to the popular South Korean online community forum TheQoo.

IVE 'HEYA' Choreography Draws Mixed Reactions For THIS Reason
IVE ‘HEYA’ Choreography Draws Mixed Reactions For THIS Reason
(Photo : IVE on X)

The original poster included a tweet from a K-pop fan. The tweet includes a clip from IVE’s performance of “HEYA” on Studio Choom. Specifically, it features IVE performing the chorus part of the song.

This part features Gaeul at the center as she performs her part, with the other members dancing. However, it’s not Gaeul that steals attention; it’s Rei.

During the chorus, Rei is initially seen on the outer left side of the formation. However, in the middle of the chorus, she is seen running behind the other members to get to her new position, which is on the right side of the group’s formation.

Seeing Rei run in the background ended up making the whole choreography look messy. Others wondered why Rei had to be the one in that spot when Ahn Yujin and Liz were both closer to where Rei needed to be. Many joked that it was like Rei was performing a marathon while the members were dancing.

Soon, the clip made its way to Korean netizens, who shared similar sentiments.

K-Netz Have Divided Opinions Over IVE’s ‘HEYA’ Choreography

In the comment section of TheQoo, Korean fans also shared their disappointment over IVE’s choreography.

It was noted that IVE is not known as a group that dances well, but it was still shocking seeing their performance. Korean netizens claimed they looked off-beat, while others stated it looked as if the members didn’t practice the dance that much. This is a shame, as their agency, Starship Entertainment, is usually known for giving their artists good choreographies.

IVE 'HEYA' Choreography Draws Mixed Reactions For THIS Reason
IVE ‘HEYA’ Choreography Draws Mixed Reactions For THIS Reason
(Photo : IVE on X)

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People believe that the dance should be danced with more force. Some were disappointed in Gaeul, with people commenting that she simply couldn’t pull off her center part that well.

Some comments read,

  • “IVE isn’t a group that dances well… But this is still so messy.”
  • “It’s just so-so. It’s a shame, Starship used to have that image of picking good choreographies for their artists.”
  • “I feel like the dance needs to be performed with more performance.”
  • “Wow, I was shocked. Are the moves meant to be off-beat? I feel like I’m going crazy.”
  • “It looks like they didn’t practice that much.”
  • “The center member couldn’t pull off her part. What s ame. I know that they did their best, but if I’m being brutally honest, IVE can’t dance.”
  • “They can’t dance at all…”

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