IVE New Release Sparks Outrage as K-Netz Detect Striking Similarities to Red Velvet’s Concept

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In the latest development within the K-pop sphere, Ive, the rising girl group known for their innovative approach to music and visuals, finds themselves at the center of a heated debate.

Their new album, titled “IVE SWITCH,” has stirred controversy among fans and industry insiders alike due to perceived similarities with Red Velvet’s iconic “Chill Kill” album.

K-Netz Divide Over Resemblance Between Ive’s “IVE SWITCH” and Red Velvet’s “Chill Kill” Album

Upon the release of Ive’s “IVE SWITCH,” a wave of comparisons flooded social media platforms, with many noting resemblances in both visual and musical elements to Red Velvet’s “Chill Kill” album.

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The debate quickly escalated as fans shared side-by-side comparisons of album artwork, music videos, and even lyrical themes.

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One fan remarked, “I don’t know if it’s similar, it just looks cheap,” encapsulating the sentiment of those who feel Ive’s concept lacks originality and borrows too heavily from Red Velvet’s established style.

Analysis of Visual and Musical Elements Fuels Controversy

The controversy deepened as fans and industry analysts delved into the finer details of both albums. From the use of color palettes to thematic motifs, every aspect of Ive’s “IVE SWITCH” was scrutinized for parallels to Red Velvet’s earlier work.

Some supporters of Ive argued that while similarities may exist, they are simply part of a broader trend within the K-pop industry and do not necessarily constitute plagiarism.


Here’s what KNetz are saying:

 It’s so similar haha

 Is this a Red Velvet design? It’s pretty.. I like the employees at the company and they do a good job.

 The entertainment industry must be really tiring because even if there is just a little bit of overlap, it’s just copy copy ;; I can’t do anything

 Seriously, I don’t know anything similar… It’s even worse than the fact that Eyelet Rise Tours followed New Jeans.  

The kids who copy are of low quality. 

I’m not sure if it’s similar, but I really like the fact that they’re releasing an album in the Korean style… This is K-pop. 

Just looking at Red Velvet makes me feel like Boots and Red Lotus. Please, aren’t you saying something like that without even watching the Chill Kill music video? Hahaha. 

They’re so similar that I can’t even tell who’s level and who’s Iven. 

There is no originality so… 

It’s not similar, it’s not similar, even when I look at it as a Muggle, it doesn’t look similar at all. 

Meanwhile, look at the quality difference. 

The difference between large corporations and small and medium-sized companies can be seen in the album quality. Even if the concept is similar, the quality itself is different. 

 Hahaha, it’s really copied, but I guess the quality of the song is terrible so I won’t listen to it anyway. 

Others, however, voiced concerns over the potential lack of creativity and originality in Ive’s approach.

As the debate rages on, industry figures have also chimed in with their perspectives on the matter. While some have dismissed the comparisons as overblown, others have called for a more nuanced discussion about artistic inspiration and influence in the K-pop landscape.