IVE Performs HEYA for the First Time on MCountdown


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-It’s great to have live performances right from the first week…

-The stage set is amazing, the concept is good, and the performance is really good too.

-The choreography is good, and all the members are really pretty and talented

-The outfits are unique and good, and so is the song.

-The stage and outfits are nice, but the pants are disappointing.

-The pants are a bit disappointing, but everything else is pretty. The hair accessories are gorgeous, and the stage setting too.

-Wonyoung, how much more beautiful do you want to get???

-The main vocalist is extremely pretty.

-The main vocalist is really good at live performances.

-The singing, styling, and the girls” live performances are all really, really good, but I’m a bit disappointed with the choreography…ㅠㅠ I think it would have been better if they had gone for a more hip-hop style.

-The main vocalist really stands out this time.

-The choreography doesn’t seem to suit them, it’s bland… Besides that, the girls are too pretty and good at singing, everything’s great!!

-Princess Wonyoung is so lovely.

-Even though they still used AR here, it seems like they’re putting in a lot of effort to perform live, which is good.

-Oh, it’s not lipsyncing?? It seems like they’ve improved a lot in live performances, they’re good.

-Among the 4th Gen idols, IVE seems to be the most hardworking on stage.