IVE’s July 7 Concert Date Draws Criticism — ‘This Is Crazy’

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In the wake of recent controversies surrounding K-pop groups and their concert schedules, IVE and Starship Entertainment find themselves under fire for their decision to proceed with a concert in Hong Kong on July 7.

The date holds significance in Chinese history, marking the anniversary of the Marco Polo Bridge incident, which led to the outbreak of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War.

July 7th is the Lugou Bridge Incident. That day should be a entertainment day. Starship really keeps touching the bottom line [sad]” – Shanxi 175

The uproar began when Chinese netizens raised objections to aespa’s initially planned concert in Fukuoka, Japan, also scheduled for July 7.

Concerns were particularly heightened for aespa member Ningning, who hails from China, as participating in the event could have drawn significant criticism back home.

Subsequently, aespa postponed their concert, acknowledging the sensitivities surrounding the date.

Now, IVE and Starship Entertainment find themselves in a similar predicament.

Despite lacking Chinese members, the decision to hold a concert in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, on July 7 has drawn considerable condemnation from Chinese netizens.

So good, with a white Chinese knot, wearing auspicious cloud patterns, holding a large fan, saying this is Korean culture, and then having a concert on July 7th, right, you… – Zhejiang 344

They argue that the choice of date shows a lack of sensitivity towards historical grievances and cultural significance.

Isn’t this a rebellion? Do fans still want to give them a chance to reschedule? – Guangdong 700 

Criticism has not been limited to the entertainment companies alone.

Fans and the venue have also come under scrutiny, with Chinese netizens expressing disappointment and anger over what they perceive as a disregard for their sentiments.


Wow what’s this? Are they going to revolt? 

When will this company be banned?Holding a concert on Chinese territory on 7/7Culture theft + open provocation 

July 7th is the Lugou Bridge Incident. That day should be a entertainment day. Starship really keeps touching the bottom line 

Please ban Kpop 

Everyone who goes should just change their nationality 

Social media platforms have been flooded with comments condemning the decision, with some even calling for IVE to be blacklisted.

(Photo : weibo)

The controversy has also raised questions about the broader implications for K-pop groups in the Chinese market.

This time, the real-time listening of the new song on QQ Music has already fallen below 1000. It’s considered completely losing the market. The other several hundred years’ worth of old albums’ recorded songs are similar to this main track – Guangdong 

With tensions already simmering between South Korea and China over various political and cultural issues, the missteps of entertainment agencies risk further alienating Chinese fans and potentially impacting the commercial viability of their ventures in the region.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether IVE and Starship Entertainment will reconsider the concert date in response to the backlash.

However, the incident underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness for entertainment companies operating in a globalized industry where geopolitical tensions can easily spill over into the realm of popular culture.