Jaejoong Was Accused of Being Homophobic – But His Fans Have Most Chill Way of Debunking It

After being accused of being homophobic, Cassiopeias & Babies defended JYJ Jaejoong in the most chill yet hilarious way of “exposing” the truth about the idol’s personality!

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Recently, K.Will and Kim Jaejoong, the OGs from second-gen K-pop reunited on the former’s web talk show, “JaeFriends.”

On this day, they recalled their friendship of over 20 years and reminisced about their heyday. While it was full of nostalgia, there was a topic that didn’t sit well with fans, which led to Kim Jaejoong being called “homophobic.”

Jaejoong Raises Brows After His Reaction to K.Will’s Legendary ‘Please Don’t…’ MV

In particular, the issue sparked when the former TVXQ member confessed that he hadn’t seen every MV of K.Will.

Due to this, the soloist suggested he watch his most iconic MV for “Please Don’t…”, which became a hot topic all over the world upon its release.

In the video starring SISTAR Dasom as well as actors Seo In Guk and Ahn Jae Hyun, it was portrayed that Seo’s character was in love with the female lead which is Dasom. However, he is in pain since the girl he loves is married to his best friend, Ahn Jae Hyun’s role.

But the biggest PLOT TWIST is that… (Spoiler’s ahead!), Seo In Guk is actually in love with Ahn Jae Hyun!

After 11 years, the MV has amassed about 80 million views and it has contributed so much for idols to push gender boundaries given the conservative culture in Korea.

When Jaejoong watched the MV, he initially thought that Dasom was in love with the two male characters that K.Will was even confused if they were seeing the same MV.

However, the plot twist came and Jaejoong who finally realized what was going on naturally couldn’t hide his surprise that he literally jumped up from his seat!

He looked at K.Will and questioned him:

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with the ending?”

Following the broadcast, this certain scene became a hot topic in various SNS including X and TikTok.

While Jaejoong’s fans were amazed by the idol’s hilarious reaction, some netizens were not impressed and immediately called him “homophobic” for reacting that way. He was even called out for queerbaiting in his early idol days.

Jaejoong Fans Defend Idol in the Most Chill Way

Kim Jaejoong Confesses Being Stalked by Sasaengs for Two Decades: 'It's been 20 years, let's stop this'
(Photo : Instagram: @jj_1986_jj)

As a fandom established for over 2 decades, Cassiopeias and Babies are truly the veterans in defending their idol that they didn’t waste their time calling out the ones leaving malicious comments or explaining what he meant by his reaction.

Rather, they hilariously and casually exposed Jaejoong’s personality which will easily debunk “homophobia” accusations!

First, they revealed that Jaejoong can’t be homophobic, citing the time that he was caught reading a “yaoi” (bl) manga in public. He’s also not shy to show support to the works that represent the community, such as promoting the Korean bl, “Eight Sense.”

In addition to this, Jaejoong is actually known for being friends with openly gay Korean personalities such as Hong Seok Cheon.

In fact, he’s also one of the K-pop’s core of how the “shipping” among fellow members started!