Jang Da Ah Touches Hearts After Revealing Her Ideal Type: ‘I Don’t Differentiate’

Jang Da Ah opened up about her ideal type, and talked about the true meaning of love for her.

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Jang Da Ah
Jang Da Ah | Singles Korea

More than being the older sister of Jang Wonyoung of IVE, the rookie actress is making a name for herself in the industry after joining the psychological-thriller drama “Pyramid Game,” which marked her on-screen debut.

As the 23-year-old beauty piqued the interest of viewers, Jang Da Ah commanded attention after mentioning her ideal type.

In an interview with SINGLES Korea, the actress answered random questions from the public. From her favorite color to plans in show business, Jang Da Ah shared her honest opinion about various topics, among of which is her ideal type.

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What is Jang Da Ah’s Ideal Type?

While some celebrities are hesitant to reveal their ideal type because it might send mixed signals to fans, in Jang Da Ah’s case, she captured the hearts of netizens with her surprising answer.

'Pyramid Game' Stills
Jang Da Ah

Her answer is going viral on various social media platforms after she revealed her honest opinion about her ideal type.

“Same sex, opposite sex – I don’t differentiate between them.”

The rookie actress continued to explain her answer and said:

“I think a person’s character is what matters the most.”

Furthermore, she pointed out that what she said was in general, but she has always kept this in mind when she thinks about ideal types.

As the video went viral, netizens were impressed with Jang Da Ah’s attitude and perception about modern relationships.

Fans expressed how they were delighted to hear the actress oppose inequality when it comes to gender or physical appearance.

Jang Da Ah’s Plans for Her Acting Career

Another random question that she received was about a possible fan meeting in the future.

According to Jang Da Ah, she appreciates the continued support, especially that more fans are showing their love for her.

Jang Da Ah
Jang Da Ah

She also hints about plans for show business and promises to do better to create a fan meet.

“While working on various projects, it would be an honor to have the opportunity to meet and communicate with my fans. I’ll put in more effort until I can organize a meetup event for fans.”

Who is Jang Da Ah?

Although she emerged as IVEs Wonyoung’s sister, Jang Da Ah proved that she is more than just that by showcasing her amazing skills in acting.

Landing her first K-drama lead role, she played a psychotic antagonist in “Pyramid Game.”

Jang Da Ah
(Photo : Jang Da Ah Instagram Official)

In an interview with a media outlet, she revealed that garnering attention for being the sister of a K-pop star isn’t something that she could avoid.

However, since acting is her big dream, she “didn’t pay much attention to nor was swayed by any accompanying external factors,” referring to the comparison between her and her younger sister.

See Jang Da Ah’s full interview with SINGLES Korea here!