Jang Hyuk to Make Hollywood Debut with $600 Million Production in the Works

On the May 3rd episode of tvN’s “Real or Reel,” viewers were given an intimate glimpse into the lives of South Korea’s entertainment elite. 

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Amidst the revelations, it was Jang Hyuk who stole the show with surprising news about his Hollywood venture.

Jang Hyuk
Jang Hyuk
(Photo : v.daum.net)

At the outset of the day, the actor’s dedication to mastering English for international events like film festivals was on full display. 

He even shared some of his underlying commitment to expanding his horizons beyond Korean shores.

 “I’ve been taking English classes these days. I want to converse without an interpreter at events like film festivals.” -Jang Hyuk

Accompanied by his close friend Park Joon-hyung, Jang Hyuk showcased his self-reliance by managing his daily affairs without a manager, a rarity in the industry.

“He does everything without a manager.” -Park Joon-hyung

Physical Powerhouse: A Two-Hour Boxing Workout

Jang Hyuk’s physical prowess took center stage during a visit to a boxing gym. 

Despite his age, the actor embarked on a grueling two-hour workout session, leaving viewers in awe of his dedication and stamina.

Hollywood Calling: Contractual Constraints and Multimillion-Dollar Projects

However, it was during a video call conducted entirely in English that Jang Hyuk dropped a bombshell. 

Jang Hyuk
Jang Hyuk
(Photo : v.daum.net)

He confirmed the long-standing rumors about his international ambitions.

“There were conditions in the contract, so I can’t say exactly, but it’s true that I’ll enter Hollywood and participate in a work.” -Jang Hyuk

Delving into the project’s origins, Jang Hyuk disclosed his connections made during the US premiere of “The Killer,” leading to discussions with influential Hollywood figures. 

The project’s scale is staggering, boasting a production budget of $600 million for six episodes.

“The movie ‘The Killer’ was released in the US. When I went to the premiere, I met many people involved. So, something came up from there. The director is someone who has worked on well-known works. Not only actors but also martial arts directors offered proposals. The production budget is $600 million for a total of 6 episodes.” -Jang Hyuk

Anticipation Mounts: A Global Icon’s Next Chapter

As Jang Hyuk’s Hollywood debut looms, anticipation among fans and industry insiders continues to soar.

Jang Hyuk
Jang Hyuk
(Photo : v.daum.net)


Stay tuned for further developments as Jang Hyuk embarks on this exciting new chapter in his illustrious career.

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