Jang Hyunseung Explains 8 Years After His Departure from BEAST: “I Was Told Not to Attend the Fan Meeting by the Company”


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by Journalist Jeon Jaekyung

Jang Hyunseung (34) has spoken up about his departure from the group BEAST.

Recently, through the paid communication app From, Jang Hyunseung stated, “At the time, it was a situation where it was decided that I will be leaving the team, and soon after, there would be official news about my departure. They told me not to attend the fan meeting, saying not to come. So I didn’t go and went out to have fun instead. It wasn’t an unauthorized absence,” he explained.

“I was told by the company to film a video with my phone saying, ‘Sorry to the Japanese fans that I couldn’t attend due to various personal reasons at home.’ So I filmed that and sent it. I would have preferred to just stay at home rather than go out. But at that time, I didn’t feel like staying at home,” he added.

article source: https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/article/003/0012656409

comment source: instiz

-Hasn’t he explained this quite a while ago??

-Oh, I didn’t know, I thought it was the other way around.

-It won’t change anything anywayㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s just continued media play or something, what is he talking about, his actions haven’t changed at all

-So, he showed signs of not wanting to perform until he left, fought with fans, and then the company told him not to attend the fan meeting, so he just decided to went out? ㅋㅋ Ah, I see.

-Imagine if it happened to an office worker. Your work colleague doesn’t do any work during work hours, always on his phone, and even though you tried to confront him, he didn’t change~ So the company told him not to come to the meeting, and then he went out to play during that time? Afterwards, he went to others saying, “I was told not to come to the meeting, right!! I felt unfair.” Is that okay?!?? 

-Now I understand why group fans hate that excuse

-Is that why he roughly performed on stage? Because it was already decided that he would be leaving the group?

-Oh.., I don’t know well, but there seems to have been more than that. If you’re not a fan, you shouldn’t say anything… It’s a bit weird for non-fans to add their opinions. It’s like… A singer did something that fans really hate and non-fans forgive him on their behalf…?