Jang Ki Yong’s ‘The Atypical Family’ Co-Star Reveals Actor’s True Personality: ‘He Was Like…’

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“The Atypical Family” stars greeted the media and fans during its press conference ahead of the drama’s premiere.

Lead stars Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee are joined by co-stars Claudia Kim, Park So Yi, and director Jo Hyun Taek during the event.

When asked about his K-drama comeback since returning to civilian life, Jang Ki Yong shared his honest thoughts about his new role.

Jang Ki Yong Dishes on His First Father Role in ‘The Atypical Family’

Jang Ki Yong admitted that playing his first father role at 31 was quite challenging.

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In a report, the actor confessed that playing Bok Gwi Hoo was “not easy,” especially since his character is raising a teenage daughter, played by child actress Park So Yi.

“I focused on expressing the character of Returning Joo well without being trapped in the character of a father.”

With his new role, the South Korean heartthrob hoped that this transformation would get a positive response from the public.

For his K-drama comeback, Jang Ki Yong plays Bok Gwi Joo, who belongs to a family with supernatural abilities. Described as a “depressed time traveler,” he used to work as a firefighter with a positive outlook on life. However, things change after he gets involved in an incident.

Unfortunately, since his family has lost its powers, Gwi Joo’s ability to travel into the past and present has vanished.

Park So Yi’s Working Relationship With Jang Ki Yong

In the upcoming K-drama, Bok Gwi Joo also has a daughter named Bok Yi Na, played by Park So Yi. During “The Atypical Family” press conference, the child actress dishes on what it’s like to work with several top stars, including Jang Ki Yong.

According to the actress, she gets compliments that she looks like her on-screen father.

“I felt good when people told me that I resembled Jang Ki Yong.”

In addition to this, she expressed what the actor was like behind the camera.

“He treated me kindly and was like a real father.”

Like Park So Yi, “The Atypical Family” director has a ton of good things to say about Jang Ki Yong.

Director Jo Hyun Tak expressed his gratitude to the actor for accepting the role of Bok Gwi Joo.

According to him, Jang Ki Yong is perfect for the role since he is looking for someone who “could express the confused and immature side of the character and at the same time try to be a good father.”

“The Atypical Family” release is set to hit the small screen on May 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Viewers could watch the latest episode every Saturday and Sunday via JTBC.