Jang Na-ra Rumored To Divorce After 2 Years Of Marriage?

On July 10th, rumors of Jang Na-ra planning to divorce after 2 years of marriage spread widely in online communities. It was because the actress suddenly followed the account of a lawyer specializing in dealing with divorce cases.

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In fact, Jang Na-ra only follows the lawyer for her upcoming acting project. She takes on the role of a divorce lawyer in the new drama “Good Partner” so she needs advice from people in the field. 

Later on the evening of July 10th, Jang Na-ra attended the press conference for “Good Partner” and boasted about her happy marriage. The actress said, “While immersing myself into the character, especially in sad scenes, I always wondered, ‘Why did she decide to get married despite knowing that things would turn out like this?’. After completing my work, I returned home with my beloved husband. That’s when I realized dramas are different from real life.”

In addition, Jang Na-ra proudly complimented her husband for being a great supporter of her at work. She said, “He introduced ‘Good Partner’ team to me. I often read and learn the scripts at home with him”.

Lastly, the actress especially thanked SBS for introducing her to her husband. She said, “Thanks to the drama ‘VIP’, I was able to challenge myself with a completely new character and meet a great production team. Especially, I also met my husband. He’s a member of the camera team! I’m truly grateful to SBS”.

Earlier when appearing on “You Quiz on the Block” at the end of last year, Jang Na-ra also bragged about her husband. She said, “I love his beautiful smile, his warm heart and his sincerity. Above all, he always poured great effort into his work. I’m very happy to spend the rest of my life with such a great person”. The actress also revealed that she was the person who confessed first.

Born in 1981, Jang Na-ra is known for many famous dramas such as “My Love Patzzi”, “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, “Your Are My Destiny”, etc. as well as her famous hit OST “Sweet Dream”. She got to know her husband after filming the 2019 drama “VIP” together. The two officially got married in June 2022 after two years of dating